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Understanding Self
Redressing Self...

The way of the world - the way of the wind;

the way some can hold on

and chastise, chagrined.

With venomous pride - and arrogant glee -

a love turned oppressive;

no vision to see...

Such sorrows lay siege to dutiful love.

Polluting the 'air'

as it rises - Above.

It darkens the skies - where glory abounds.

It creeps into thoughts

as it melds into sounds.

The sounds of lost souls - lain barren and scared,

more pitied than feared;

dragging crosses - long bared.

And bear them, they must - by weight of the heart.

Self-growth is their duty -

you must stand apart.

To recognize self and know who you are

cannot be eclipsed

by the yoke of one's scars.

We all have a path for heart and for soul;

God's secrets, therein -

embrace spirit - made whole.

We're all cosmic dust - our paths forged by time;

to not live life fully

would be such a crime!

With so much to give - and so much to share;


Bring life back to square.
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