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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2271916
After one of your Youtube accounts got hacked into, you make a dark discovery!
It was sometime in the year 2020, just around the time the horrible pandemic has made landfall, and you were just about to log onto your Youtube account and make another video to bash someone. Unfortunately, you couldn't quite get into it and think that maybe your password has a typo or something. However, your girlfriend sends you an email, saying that something odd is happening to your channel as your videos were starting to disappear! You then freeze in place and realize what is happening: You are getting hacked into! You spend the next few days, fighting tooth and nail to try to get back your Youtube account, but it was no use, your videos have been taken off Youtube and the channel is now history...

Fast forward to today, you are on your new Youtube account. You are in a livestream, talking shit about your brother again because of all of the crap he put his own family through on Easter. You bitch about how, instead of celebrating Easter with his family in a storm shelter, he was at the movies again, watching another moronic Indian movie. Just as you started to talk about how badly shaken up your mother is, you get an email from one of the channel moderators. The subject line states to please wait until the livestream is over before reading it. You then decided to end the livestream about twenty minutes later. You then open up the e-mail and, to your shock, contains evidence that one of your best friends who go by the name of "Miss Candy" has betrayed you. You think the mod is off of his rocker and get up to go get a bottle of beer. After a few drinks, you get another e-mail from the same mod. The subject line now reads "proof is in the link." You open up the email and all that's inside is a link to a Youtube video. You click on it and it takes you to a livestream on Youtube. To your horror, it was a livestream done by one of your biggest enemies! What's even worse is the guest star on the show...MISS CANDY!!! Fuming with rage, you decided to start recording the livestream. You recorded the parts to where not only did she admits to leaking information about you from time to time...but also admits to back stabbing you and HACKING INTO YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT YEARS AGO!!!

You record everything you need and shut down the page before you become even more shocked. You go to bed, shaken up badly. The next day, you go into a video chat with her and ask if she has been fateful. She of course, says absolutely. You then ask if she has been doing business with the enemy lately and she says no, then acts like you are crazy or something. That was when you posted a video, along with screenshots, of her backstabbing you into the chatroom. You then ask why. The response she gives is quite shocking...

"It was because you are a racist alcoholic with anger issues! Not only that, but for the past few months, you acted like a total creep, thinking that it's perfectly normal to follow your brother around town, take pictures while hiding, and claim you got dirt on him. I mean, look at what you did to him that night at Dairy Queen! I mean, yeah, the two are a bit pervy, but you had no right to be snooping like that!"

You try to reason with her before she tells you to fuck off and ends the chat. You try to contact her again, but find out that not only did she block your number, but also your social media profiles! You then ask your girlfriend to try to contact her, but found out that all of her social media profiles have been put in PRIVATE! That was when you decided to just sit there, baffled at how someone could just turn on you like that without provocation...I mean, why? We were good friends for the past several years dammit!

That night, you go to bed crying your eyeballs out, deeply hurt over the huge betrayal...
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