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Escaping from the cave of love to regain sanity.
To even dare to keep this abhorrent attitude, this fragmented intention to maintain silence as the sole reason for being. To remain desolated and absconded between the rains and the moonless nights. To just feel protected against the opposing vanities of tumultuous populaces of crunching cities are my daily manifestations that protrude from my character. That perceived vanity, which I witnessed as time progresses over my perceptive but obscured mind. I have no intention whatsoever of even trying to change into a sense of diluted hope. I do not want to be recognized or admired among many for my sense of tolerance to accept vanity as an inevitable flaw that contorts our manifestation from eventuality does have its limits. Because. sincerely all humans have this inconsolable need that we have to be taken into consideration as we walked over this malignant world. We, humans, are always pretending to be recognized just to be convinced of our fallible existences upon these dissonant dimensions of echoes misguiding our logic to a realm of false freedom. As a desolated man I Would dare to recommend the need to reciprocate those vanities with the meditative purpose of chosen silence over becoming a deaf person in the cacophony of these convoluted modern times. Take heed of this obtrusive advice from one feeble but honest of souls. For this lesson, I learned by being ignored by love itself. Escaping from that cave I started conquering my sanity and resolved to escape from that crazed place. Is a kind of impropriety to pretend to achieve happiness by being willing to be at the whims of some narcissistic kind of person. What is proper is to be oneself with all the irrationalities and mundane habits one consciously carries. With all our defects and faculties, with all the true smiles one can offer to one another as the true gift from our affability and understanding. Expecting a smile on return is to no avail. Just envisioned this corrupt world as what it just is. A changing world. but still an insolent world....to even dare to try to change the world is impossible. Because the world is not what it is from each one of the rest of us, is what we chose to be as individuals.....to dare to keep this attitude of mine the only rationality among my irrationalities is to dwell in silence. To recognize my own pain and its retributive penance...to never again pretend to believe that happiness lingers over one of the mysterious high peaks of wisdom...if, it does. it may float around the rivers and misted forest of Shangri La...in a cave..,
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