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Blizzard Train, slowly rolling along an ancient rail torn apart by weather and time.
Blizzard Train

How Blizzare?

By Skilandro Mouser

This is an interesting case, after so many years of mysterious hiding, and dodging of questions, King Favro II has finally made his first born son a matter of the public- after 27 years Prince Favro III has been released from his secretive boyhood! This comes with the announcement of the first official expedition to repair and restate the 800km logistical rail foothold between Klennore City and the lost mining outpost 'Zaphir'. Which was an originally outstanding investment to the cities economical foothold. After its loss to the city due to a massive ongoing blizzard 7 years ago (Which devastated the land killing all throughout yet miraculously cut short nearing the edge of the city, due to fast action by Bisha Velleori, Chief Elemental Mage of Klennore.) the city has been suffering so greatly without the income of Zephir's steel deposits. After many elemental field tests the Blizzard has been deemed "safe" to travel through, if the expedition follows strict guidelines of-course, mainly considering a vast amount of warm clothing, meals, and firewood. Not to mention a highly trained in-house elemental doctor- for both train staff and the labourers, which cannot be a cheap expense.

But here's the catch: Captaining this expedition, is non-else than the King's son Himself! Prince Favro III will be instant put to the hot coals, or rather the cold winds, to test his public trust as an aspiring heir to the throne of their beloved Klennore. His train is set to leave for snowed-in Zephir a week from now. And you'll be sure to hear from me, in the field.


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