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by Flower
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This poem is about a toxic relationship. It talks about love bombing and control.
I was entranced by your swan song,
Your ever lasting love,
How you would compliment me all day long,
And make me feel free as a dove.

But now I see through the curtains gap...
The cage covered in thorns,
The carefully placed beartraps,
And your beautiful horns.

Your words are like a melody,
Sweet to hear, sour to taste.
They sooth my heart when faults appear,
However, cyanide laced.

You have lured me in and clipped my wings,
I am forever locked in your cage.
Forever you'll play my heartstrings,
And forever I'll subdue my rage.

I am just a lovebird locked away,
You are my capturer, full on pride.
My colour has faded to a dull grey,
But yet I still remain by your side.
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