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Are you ready to explore this fiction of gay love? Part 3
When I woke up and found myself lying next to Taesung I tried to wake him up. He would not budge after a few minutes he said "Not yet five more minutes...," in a sleepy voice. I was about to yell at him and hit him with a pillow but gasped instead as he pulled me down to lay with me. I was trying to get out of his grip but I couldn't so I gave up instead and when I stopped the door open it was his mom. I was scared I had pretended I was asleep when I did she had said "Ahh tsk tsk these boys I thought they weren't friends.," I waited till she shut the door and I started to laugh nothing was funnier than hearing her say something like that. But she was right me and Taesung were always ignoring each other and we never talked but then Taesung started talking to me more and hanging out with me. I had thought he liked me but when I thought about it I thought no he doesn't why would he and why would he be gay? The thought made me more curious, but I had forgotten it all from hanging out with him. After a few months of hanging out me and Taesung and his friends planned we go on a camping trip in a few days. We all had agreed and for those few days, I packed snacks, clothes just everything I needed. When we got there the view was beautiful I got the biggest cabin with 2 bathrooms and 1 bedroom its living room and kitchen were so beautiful and big it had everything but there were 6 of us including me 7 and there were only 6 cabins every other cabin had 1 room but mine. Taesung had no cabin so he had to stay in mine when I heard that I froze but snapped out of it. I ran to my cabin and locked my door or so I thought it was mine. I turned around and saw a...SHIRTLESS TAESUNG!! I had frozen again everything went black but I still felt every touch I had felt a hand, shake me. It was around 2 when that happened and I had woken up at 1 I was scared and confused. I turned on the light and got a glass of warm milk I had walked back to my room and sat down I had set the warm milk in front of me soon later it was the next day I had stayed up the rest of that night and when I heard the door open I broke my gaze off the glass of my warm milk well at least it was. It was Taesung he came to check on me since it was 8 and I hadn't come out of my room since. He saw how tired I looked and asked if I was okay I didn't say anything at first but then I tried to and nothing came out it was like my tongue was cut off. I thought I had a dry throat and couldn't speak.
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