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by Sumojo
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The Owl is the defence lawyer in the case
28 lines

The wise old owl tapped his beak,
Paused, and then pushed up his specs.
Gave a turn of his head and began to speak,
“To the clerk of the court, I pay my respects.

He spoke with superior tone,
Almost aloof was his stance.
I will prove, and let it be shown
The defendant was out at a dance.

An hourglass was turned with a flick of his wings.
He watched as the sand trickled through.
“Return in the hour, and when the bell rings
Be sure you’re not late. I mean you.”

He stared at the jurors with eyes black and yellow,
His robes he gathered around.
He made a long speech, was just like Othello,
His words were wise and profound.

“Ladies and gents of the jury,
This case you will need to decide.
Guilty or not. I just want to be sure he
Doesn’t spend years of his life locked inside.”

“Innocent of the crime he is charged,
I’m sure you’ll all concur. Let him free
The case in point will be discharged
Of this you will need to agree.”

The case was won, the slate was cleaned.
The owl took off his specs
He thanked the judge he held esteemed,
To the court he paid his respects.

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