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Trhee returns home and settles again to his place near the cabin on the hill.
Working night and day Trhee gathered the precious gold and once done he lifted for home. He missed his family and wanted to pass his bounty on to them. In the early morning hours of darkness, Trhee settled himself quietly into the bed Little Fir provided for him. As the morning sun crested above the tree line, big Oak stepped from the cabin and stretched his limbs, then froze.
"Coleen, Coleen," shouted Sean through the open cabin door, "Our tree has come home." Coleen appeared sleepy eyed at the doorway, then her eyes widened.

:"Ah, Sean, tis a wonderous thing we are a see'in today. Our magical tree has returned home to us." They both approached the base of Trhee's massive trunk and gazed at him from top to bottom. Sean's quick eye caught sight of the tubors lacing the spreading roots that supported and balanced the great tree. He knelt and plucked one from the surface. Sean hefted the heavy spud in his hand and creased the thin skin with his thumb nail exposing the golden luster beneath. Sean moved inside and took down his bullet mold ladle from its nail on the wall. He dropped the heavy spud into the ladle and shoved it into the blazing coals of their morning fire and waited. Soon the lustrous metal melted into a puddle at the bottom of the ladle. He then poured the stuff out onto a smooth hearth stone and waited until it cooled,.Sean came dancing out the cabin door,

"Tis, it tis, Lassy, our magical tree has gone off then come home to bring us gold. All those little tatties there are golden spuds. Pick them, Coleen, pick them all. We've become rich."
Coleen took the golden disk from her husband's hand and noticed the tooth marks in the soft, precious metal.

"Oh, Sean, what a wonderous thing. To have a magical tree in our own yard that knows what we need and brings us treasure. We must never tell a soul of this. It must be our secret. By the time they had gathered all the golden spuds, they had over a bushel of the precious things.

With their newly acquired wealth they purchased joining property and soon their section grew into fifteen hundred acres of prime woodland and bottom land. What began as a farm grew into a plantation. Sean purchased healthy young slaves, but treated them more like family than property. He built them fine cabins better than the one in which he lived. Lastly, Sean built his family a fine mansion. His three lovely daughters had ripened into young women and he'd sent the two eldest off to finishing school in Savannah.

About the same time there was a call to arms across the south and civil war erupted to the north. His daughters brought home a dashing young lieutenant and a Seargent as suitors asking Sean for his daughters hands in marriage. A wedding was arranged before the boys went off to war and Sean had a platform built around the base of Trhee's great trunk. There he set two grand pianos and a pump organ for his three daughters to play during the gala.

After the wedding ceremony the reception was held outside and the three ladies played for the guests an afternoon of classical music. As the enchanting notes of Shubert's piano concert in three parts wafted up among the branches, Trhee's emotions were awakened to his golden core. His father was a music Tree. He had led expeditions to other exotic worlds. The music for the windows of heaven were written in the golden synapses of his mind. Now, after all these many years, Trhee could go home. As the party played out around him, he was torn between the desire to lift from this world, and his love for this earthly family.

Over the last two centuries Trhee had grown massively. His mighty branches shaded the mansion. His root structure had spread far around him perhaps farther out into the surrounding soil than his upper branches. By midnight the plantation had quieted. Two brides were tucked away in their bedrooms with new husbands sleeping at their sides. House servants slept in their quarters near the kitchen. Sean's youngest daughter was old enough for a beau and he slept alone dreaming of weddings in a guest room. Above stood Trhee, ever vigilant, watching over his family.

Then he smelled a hint of smoke on the wind coming out the north. plantations were burning in the night. The scent of burning flesh stung his senses. All his eye nuts were open and there on the dark road leading to this home was a row of flaming torches moving in his direction. To this house, his family. Trhee's only fear rose up inside him. Fire. Fire was coming. This one thing made up Trhee's mind.

Mighty roots pulled from the earth and first splintered the dead wood of the platform at his base. Two pianos and a great organ were gripped and lifted. Small tendrils began pumping the organs peddles as smaller branches began running across the keys of each instrument. Great flexible limbs wrapped the house blocking every window and door as mighty roots lifted the home from its foundation.

Every key was brought into play as The Windows of Heaven flowed from the instruments. Trhee began to lift with all his might. As the mellody flowed out across the land around a full troop of cavalry entered the grounds and circled the home place awestruck, at the sight before them. Already Trhee was a hundred feet into the air and climbing rapidly. Enraptured by orchestral flowing around them the war weary soldiers, still holding their torches, yearned for home, in harmony with Trhee's final broadcast.

"I am a tree of life unto you and I will bear you up to a new home." Dumbstruck, the troop below watched as a window in the dark sky opened and a flood of bright light shown down on the empty foundation below. Balancing his precious load perfectly as he did his turnover into the sky above his home world below. As Three cruised across the sky searching among the verdant growth below a flat stone foundation on which to deposit his family's home .He changed from The Windows of Heaven to a concerto by Shubert in three parts. The music trees of home world joined in harmony as hollow drum trees made tempo and rhythm. There below the perfect spot. Trhee slowly settled the mansion on a huge, low flat boulder protruding from the rich soil of home. Trhee then moved aside and sunk his feeder roots into the rich deep soil of home.

Somewhere out there is a world in perfect harmony wherein dwells the flavor of the old south. Where there are no longer slaves and owners but people working together the rich deep soil.
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