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Is mankind worthy of the Earth?
From the moment of understanding, came years of normal planning
among the lives of many a quest for truth was born

To see a sight you've always known but take it all for granted
I wish that now my plea to be was never known or started

Across the sky when it is clear there's many stars to see
made up from rocks all shapes and sizes yet none were made for me

I know that now they'll never change, they're holding all the answers
I know for sure new decades come and it's man that is the bastard

You've seen the earth from space no doubt but mainly from the ground
a beautiful green and brown for land and blue is for the sea

I know that once upon a time that's all there was to be
but now there's man and his machine it's all to dark for me

The cries for truth and love and peace, are really getting old but wish for me before I die
and leave the earth with speed that all I had and all I was is man must lose his greed.
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