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a flight with a friend
Hello Blackbird, my old friend
I've come to fly with you again.
To float upon the lofty winds
up through the clouds we shall ascend.

In flight we'll leave our cares behind,
beyond the rolls we've been assigned.
Lost in the moment, we'll unwind.
And flee the troubles of our minds.

Of you, my friend, I am quite fond.
And you and I, we shall abscond
to soar the nighttime skies beyond
and perhaps repose by starry pond.

The blustery wind upon my face
a gift I surely will embrace
and float through sky with winged grace
until our path I must retrace.

Then I'll wake with Dawn's meager light
to face my daily woes and plight
but keep in heart our friendship bright
and our journey on this special night.

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