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2nd Place - The Bard's Hall Contest - May 2022

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

“Looky, looky! What a yummy yum-yum I have for my good boy!”

“Icky poo-poo, that’s what that is. Is that poo-poo?”

“Would you like a bit of this yummy strawberry?”

“I don’t think I’m falling for the old strawberry wrapped in poo trick. Oh no.”

“Oh come on, you like strawberries!”

“The last time you wrapped something in fruit it was medicine in applesauce. I wasn’t born yesterday lady.”

“Just a little bitey-poo? See, mommy took a bite.”

“Yeah, well you can die. I will watch.”

“I’ll eat them all and you’ll be sorry you didn’t get any of this yummy chocolate-covered strawberry.”

“Looks like poo, smells like poo, must be poo.”

“Watch while daddy takes a bite. See, daddy likes it.”

“Daddy is your friend. You’re both cray-cray. I’m not eating poo. You told me eating poo is bad. No poo for me.”

“Well, okay. No chocolate-covered strawberries for you. See, they’re all gone.”

“Good, no more poo in the house.”

“Oh wait! Look there’s one more. Oops! It’s on the floor. Quick! Get it before the dog gets it! Not good for dogs to eat chocolate. It can kill them.”

“See! I knew it. You were trying to poison me.”

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