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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2274027
My version of a fractured fairy tale. Socks should be changed regularly, right?
         Moldisocks always played alone. No one liked to be near her and her smelly socks. Many people had tried to tell the stubborn girl to change her dirty, torn socks, but she ignored them. She told everyone they were her favourite socks and no other pair would be the same.
         In the mud she stomped. In the puddles she splashed. In the dirt she twirled. In the trees she climbed. Moldisocks loved her socks and they went everywhere with her. She never pulled them off. Those socks slept with her. They skipped with her. They ate meals with her.
         Sometimes, a child would run and chase Moldisocks in a game of tag, but then they'd stop, pinching their nose.
         "Whew those old socks make my eyes water. That is the most horrible smell ever."
         Moldisocks would shrug and stare down at those socks wriggling her toes. Sure, she'd forgotten what colour they'd once been and now they were a grungy, greeny-grey. Squinting she could see snags and holes. When she raced as fast as the wind, the socks slipped down and curled at her ankles. It didn't matter. Her feet felt snug and happy. She tossed her hair and smiled back at the kids calling her Moldisocks. She didn't care if they teased her.
         One sunshiny day, Moldisocks wandered into the forest to find a cabin she'd never seen before. Peeking out from behind a chestnut tree, she watched three bears, a Papa Bear ,a Mama Bear, and a Baby Bear laughing as they hung laundry on a clothes line. White sheets flapped in the breeze. Red, blue and pink shirts waved. Socks, in a rainbow of colours , danced.
         "All finished," said Mama Bear, "let's go for a walk while the laundry dries."
         With a squeal, Baby Bear darted across the yard. His smiling parents followed him holding hands.
         On tiptoe, Moldisocks snuck into the log cabin. Not daring to blink and holding her breath she explored.
         How odd, thought the girl wrinkling her forehead and scrunching her eyes. Socks were everywhere. They lay across the chairs. They were piled on the tables. Baskets and baskets were piled high with socks. Even the book shelves shared space with socks. Never in her life had she seen so many socks.
         Moldisocks plopped into a shabby armchair. Reaching into a large basket she pulled out a pair of blue and red striped socks. She held them in her hands and then rolled them in her palms. Without a second thought she kicked off her grubby socks and plunged her feet into the brand new ones. She stood up and walked a few steps. Her toes began to itch. The socks bunched at her ankles and scratched her legs. She slipped and slid on the floor. Her feet were not happy.
         Shaking her head and frowning, Moldisocks threw the uncomfy socks to the floor. Noticing a rocking chair nearby, she sank into it. Back and forth she rocked until she decided to thrust a hand into another full basket. This time she found a pink and purple pair of socks to try on. They were much softer than that first pair of socks. She liked the pretty colours. Moldisocks jumped up and twirled. Well, she tried to spin, but those socks stuck to the floor. They would not budge.
         "This will not do, " she muttered.
         Flinging them onto the mantel above the fireplace, Moldisocks spied a tiny, wooden stool. Perching on it, she chose a pair of green and yellow polka-dotted socks from a much smaller basket. She barely had to tug them. They snuggled up to her knees. Her toes tingled. She grinned. When she spun across the room she felt lighter than air. Moldisocks jumped and danced. No itchiness. No scratchiness. These socks were just right.
         With a most loud crash, the front door flew open and Moldisocks screamed. To the three bears standing in the doorway it sounded like a squeak. Who was this strange girl flitting about their livingroom?
         Papa Bear growled, "Somebody's been wearing my socks and they tossed them on the floor."
         Mama Bear walked to her chair and exclaimed, "Well, somebody's been wearing my socks and why are they flung on the mantel?"
         Baby Bear pointed and yelled, "There's the Somebody and she's wearing my socks."
         Both Papa and Mama Bear nodded, "We see. Who are you and why are you in our house?"
         Before Moldisocks could answer, Baby Bear picked up her old socks, sneezed and gasped, "Can't you smell this? Are these socks? Are these your socks?"
         Wide-eyed, the girl nodded. "My name is Moldisocks."
         Papa Bear sniffed and snorted, "And rightly so. Phew!"
         Mama Bear scolded Papa Bear and Baby Bear. "Look around. We have more than enough socks and this poor child needs new ones. She was just waiting for the perfect pair."
         Moldisocks smiled at her happy feet. With a wave and a thank you she skipped out of the little log cabin.
         "You're welcome to come back anytime for a new pair of socks," hollered Mama Bear. "Please knock on our door next time. Oh, and don't wait so long between changes. What kind of a name is Moldisocks for a girl?"
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