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by brom21
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A man goes for a roof top walk amazed at all he sees but cannot fathom what lay beyond.
John walked across a blue bridge. He always loved heights compared to his mom who was a a mother with a fear of heights.He gazed at the Triton skyscraper rise high farther off.

“I can’t believe after all this time, they’ve finally opened the rooftop of the Triton building for citizen exploration,” John said to man next to him.

“I know, right!”

John put out a hand to shake. “I’m John.”

“Terry,” said the man as he took John’s hand.

“You know, I heard something very strange and amazing is at the top,” said John

Terry tilted his head. “Really? Like what?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll find out in a few hours.”

The group of people came to a wide rectangular rooftop with metal plates generating holographic images of flying birds, clouds and a single one projecting a display of the Earth.

“Amazing! Such technology!” said Terry.

John approached a moving image of a golden phoenix. “It is so lifelike!” said John as he put his hand through it.

John went to the edge and looked down and got a head rush.

Terry came to his side. “Exhilarating, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes! I only wish they made a roller coaster so high.”

The crowd walked up some stairs to a building top higher and with more area. Metal beams held up numerous solar panels that had tiers going upwards.

“I wonder how much electricity these panels can generate. I’ve never seen so many,” said Terry.

“It must be expensive.”

Terry and John went with the crowd and crossed another bridge. However, this building top had no borders.

“A building with no borders is dangerous,” said John.

“I have heard of this one-it is surrounded by forcefields”

John frowned. “You’re joking.”

Terry took a quarter from his wallet and threw the quarter at the drop off and an electrical buzz came from the edge of the building and a blue spark erupted as the quarter bounced off the forcefield.

“I would have thought such technology would exist for military use or something,” said John.

“Oh, I am sure it will. This project is privately funded.”

John and Terry walked up another flight of open stairs to a roof with cylindrical pods. People in white uniforms stood around them.

“What could these things be for?” John said.

The uniformed men tinkered with them and an electrical charge shot into the air then dark clouds began to coalesce above everyone on the roof. In minutes, a mini thunderstorm cloud poured out rain as lightning flashed.

“Artificial weather!” said John. “This will change the world!”

One of the uniformed men, addressed John. “Indeed. But it will take time creating a cloud on a larger scale. But we’re making progress.”

“What on Earth can top this?” said John.

The crowd of people crossed another bridge and John and everyone else suddenly began to float into the air.

“What is happening!” said Terry.

A man in a lab coat, floating next to Terry spoke. “This whole building is a zero-gravity generator. Don’t worry, it will go only so high.”

John was ecstatic. “It’s almost like I’m flying!” John rose until his body stopped going up.

The man in the lab coat took out a device and pressed some buttons and the crowd began to lower.

When everyone touched down, the man in the lab coat, addressed the crowd. “The next roof top is the lunch stop.”

The next roof top had food kiosks with fried foods and soft drinks. John and Terry bought some burgers and fries then sat on one a lounge chairs.

“Talk about trippy, huh?” said John.

“I know! What more could be on top of the Triton roof top!”

John looked up at the sky. “I love the sky; it makes me think of heaven and God.”

“A religious man?”

John shrugged. “Not really, but I do believe in things more than this.”

Terry peered into the sky and smiled. “It is a wonderful notion isn’t it.”

“Attention please,” said a staff member in a uniform said. “Only on person can go to the top of Triton tower.”

People began to murmur and sneer.

“That is not fair!” yelled one man.

“Yeah, what’s the deal!” cried another.

“I’m sorry. What is available at the top is not something ready for all to witness,” said the staff member. “I will now announce the lucky patron.” The man took out a letter and spoke the one who would go to the roof top. “John Wagner.”

John froze.

“Is that you?” said Terry.

“Yes…yes, it is. I cannot believe it.”

“Would John Wagner please approach.”

John ran to the staff member and he led John to a locked gate and it was unlocked by the staff, they both entered.

John was led to an elevator and in five minutes, John stepped off onto the roof top, that looked entirely plain.

“So, what am I supposed to be seeing?”

The staff member spoke into a radio.

Suddenly a spiraling light like a spinning galaxy appeared over him.

“What is happening? What is that thing!”

“Stay calm and observe,” said the staff.

The spiraling anomaly came down and engulfed John and he saw a place with golden clouds and men in shining robes flew around with stork’s wings.

“Where am I?”

“This is none other than anther dimension-it is the very abode of God Himself.”

“I’m in heaven!” said John. He saw an angel on a cloud plying a harp. The melody made John cry. “Where is God supposed to be?”

“Higher up. But that place is forbidden. Take it all in. We must leave in a few minutes.”

“Can’t I stay here?”

“Sorry, that can only happen the natural way.”

“You mean death?”

The staff nodded.

In a flash of light, he was back on the building top. “I’ll do whatever it takes to be there for good. It is time I read the Bible more. But who will believe what I experienced?”

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