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by Sadiq
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2274171
Power has been asked to capture this demon, however things go unexpected
Power was sent out on a task, she was recommended to bring Denji with her but being her stubborn self she decided to go by herself.

“I can protect myself, after all I am the strongest devil hunter out there” Power stayed very proudly
As she was heading down to the area she was asked to investigate she began to see a lot of ripped waistbands, some on the floor, some on the tree’s and even some on the lampposts, but she didn’t really think anything of it.

“Weird, why the hell would there be ripped waistbands here, doesn’t matter I got to find that devil”

“Are you looking for me, honey?”

Power looked up as she witnessed a tall, slim and gorgeous woman, with a small waist, large breast and a plump fat butt. She could easily pass off as being human if her skin wasn’t bright red and her ears weren’t sharp.

The devil was sitting comfortably in a tree full of embarrassing ripped waistbands all over the branches, the devil hopped down from the tree and introduced themselves.

“I am the Wedgie Devil, my ability lets me wedgie any person any person I want, whenever I want and however I want, I guess you were the person they sent to come get me, too bad you will end up suffering because of it.”

Power looked at The Wedgie Devil with a bright smirk, she thought that sounded dumb, a wedgie devil? How’s anyone supposed to be scared of that???

“Hah don’t make me laugh you know who I am? I am the all powerful devil hunter Power!!! Now…TASTE MY WRATH”

Power ran at The Wedgie Devil with her hammer, unfortunately she was in a world of pain. As she ran at the devil, the devil moved quickly out of the way as time began slowing down for them which gave them enough time to pants Power and show off her fat butt with her Rainbow Dash panties clinging on to her fat butt.

“HA I didn’t know the world’s most powerful devil hunter wore childish granny panties like these!!!” The Wedgie Devil exclaimed as it laughed at Power’s poor choice in panties.

This caused Power to go bright red, she thought My Little Pony was fun to watch and that Rainbow Dash was a cool character, so when she saw them in the store she had to buy them, but now she’s regretting her choice.

“What the- h-hey n-not fair!!!” Power stuttered as she bent down to grab her pant which where at her ankles, which gave The Wedgie Devil the perfect opening…

The Wedgie Devil then grabbed on to the back of the waistband and shot it straight up Power’s fat butt as it yelled “WEDGIE” Power then squealed as she held her crotch in pain as she was fighting tears, she had never experienced such pain before and it hurt a lot.

“Damn these are stretchy, tell you what I’ll make a bet with you, if I can rip these off your fat butt I’ll surrender but if I can’t then you’ll be stuck in a Mummy Wedgie on this tree. Also you can’t deny this bet so let’s begin!!!”

Bouncing Wedgie
The Wedgie Devil then started off with a Bouncing Wedgie, the devil bounced Power up and down by her panties, each time she was bounced all you could hear from Power was “ouchie, ouchie, ouchie”

Squeaky Clean Wedgie
The devil then grabbed both sides of Power’s panties and stretched them all the way up to her perky boobs, this caused Power to cross her eyes in pain as she felt her panties crawl up inside her pussy and rectum.

Frontal Wedgie
The devil then started to bounce Power by the front of her panties, the panties however did not yet rip instead they have just became stretchier and stretchier.

“Guess we are gonna have to resort to last ditch effort, now assume position” The devil ordered.

As soon as Power heard those words she felt her body move on it’s own against her will as he she bent over with her ass hanging out and pressed her hand against the trunk of the tree at a perfect 90 degree angle, “this must be part of the Wedgie Devil’s ability” Power thought as she dreaded what came next, she then felt the devil grab on to her stretched out panties, which stretched out so far from her ass that it looked like a cotton tail, she then felt her panties stretching all the way to under her chin slowly and painfully giving her an Atomic Wedgie, and just when she thought the worst was over she felt the Wedgie Devil spank her butt.

“You have got a huge bubble butt nerd, hope you mind if I do t spanking it” The wedgie devil said.

For the next 30 minutes - which felt like hours in Power’s mind - her fat bubble butt was just spanked repeatedly, by the time they were done her ass was bright red, felt very sore and was smoking.

“Well in the end these panties didn’t rip so I hope you know what that means”

Power gulped as she felt herself getting free’d from her Atomic Wedgie and lifted by the Wedgie Devil, however the short moment of relief was over as she felt her childish Rainbow Dash granny panties get hung on the branch as her panties were still being dragged by the Wedgie devil as it kept stretching the panties all over the tree, under the branches, on top of twigs, wrapped around leaves, until it successfully wrapped all around the tree.

Power then had enough as she started to squeal and shout “Please let me go I’m sorry I ever tried capturing you please this hurts so much” she kept pleading to the Wedgie Devil.

They then stood before Power as they laughed to them selves.
“Fine, if you really want to be let free’d you’ll have to make a contract with me, I free you and I get to have complete control over you, deal?”

Power immediately agreed before she could even think about anything that may go wrong.

“Good, now you will be coming with me”
The Wedgie Devil said as it teleported themselves and Power somewhere…

To be continued…
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