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by fyn
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Changing the yardstick -

A New Rule-r

Not thin enough,
not smart enough,
not rich enough,
not pretty enough,
not man enough,
not woman enough,
not brave enough:
enough's enough!

I've never seen a measuring tape
that had a spot for weight,
and I've never seen an increment
for an IQ to date.
I haven't seen a place
that gauges someone's wealth
and beauty isn't the yardstick
when it comes to someone's health.

Not in enough,
not out enough,
not tall enough,
not strong enough,
not cool enough,
not sexy enough
not good enough:
enough's enough!

What people need to realize;
truly need to understand
are the qualities inside your heart
and everything else be damned.
If the color of your heart
and mind is of the kindness hue,
then that is all that matters--
that you are your best you.

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