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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Build It

“OK, let’s get started!” June said as she joined Ted in the living room.

Ted was sitting on the floor surrounded by all the parts for the new stereo unit they got at “Build It.” He didn’t look up.


“This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Didn’t it say ‘Easy Assembly’ on the box?” she asked.

“Yes, it said easy assembly. It just didn’t say you needed to take a course in “assembly speech” to understand the instructions. These don’t seem to make sense at all!”

“Do you want me to look at them?”

“No! I’ll figure it out!” he said, stubborn to the core.

“OK. Well, I could start the laundry... Call me if you need me!”
Keeping busy, she suddenly realized it had been an hour and went back to check. Ted was sitting in the same spot, still reading the instructions.

“Honey? How’s it going?”

“I just can’t understand these instructions!!”

“Oh, well maybe we can do it without reading those.”

“Surely you jest,” he said, condescendingly.

June took it exactly as it was intended... and it really pissed her off. “Fine... I’ll do it!” she said, picking up a piece.

“Fine! You do it!” Ted walked out of the room.

An hour later Ted couldn’t stand it anymore and went back. “I’m sorry Honey, I was just frustrated...” June was standing next to the completely assembled stereo unit. “You did it!” he rushed over, “Let’s turn it on!”

“Wait!” she yelled, but he had already pushed the button.
There was a small ‘Bang’ and then a thin line of smoke wafted up from the top.

“I wasn’t sure I got the wires right...” June said quietly.

Suddenly they both burst out laughing.

And so, Ted and June’s marriage survived still another grueling test: The ‘Build It’ Company.
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