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Stars after sunset: Far into the cooling night they twinkle— until you yawn— A poem.
Serenade to Odin's Day

Even half-blind
I see how you brighten our north-western horizon,
sky shifting from orange to red to purple —
how only puce remains to greet
the pinpricks of your ancient cousins —
those who bide their time.

This is your realm.

As long as you are lit they blush respectful,
bow before your golden glow —
but soon —
twilight diamonds sprinkle greetings through your dreams.

Far into the cooling night they twinkle —
until you yawn —
stretch out your fiery fingers to wake our dawn.

© Copyright 2022 Kåre Enga [179.28] (8.juni.2022)

14 lines

Submitted to
Shadows and Light Poetry Contest  (E)
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