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Custard cookie pulls a prank on strawberry crepe with coke and mentos...it worked to well
( custard cookie was readying the prank he wanted to do on crepe )

Custard: this is gonna be so funny! I can't wait to see the look on his face!

( Custard goes to visit strawberry crepe )

Custard: hi strawberry crepe!

Strawberry crepe: nice to see you custard. What brings you here?

Custard: actually I have a challenge for you...(pulls out a 2 liter bottle of soda) I bet you cant drink this WHOLE bottle in one go...

Strawberry crepe: hmm...that actually sounds hard...but I'll give it a shot! Hand me the bottle.

Custard: ok! ( Gives crepe th bottle of soda )

Strawberry crepe: ( takes deep breath and starts chugging the bottle )

Custard: (watches while secretly getting a mento)

(Half the bottle was empty and strawberry crepe s belly was starting to swell out from the gas it caused)

Custards thoughts: "wow he's doing really well...maybe I don't need to give her a mento because her belly is actually getting pretty big with the gas alone...nah I'm still gonna toss it in her mouth"

(Crepe finally finished the bottle...her belly was as big as a beach ball and is slightly red. Her belly gurgles nonstop too)

Strawberry crepe: huff...huff...huff...see?...I knew I could do it...*URP!* E-excuse me...(looks down) wow...my belly is really big...

Custard: yeah it actually looks really soft too...also I'm sorry.

Strawberry crepe: for what?

Custard: for this (throws a mento intros crepes mouth)

Strawberry crepe: ack! *Cough* *cough*....*gulp* h-hey! Why did you do that!? And....why does it taste so minty?

(Strawberry crepe s belly starts to growl louder...)
Strawberry crepe: uh....oh.

Custard: You just got pranked!. Haha!

(Strawberry crepes belly expands).

Strawberry crepe: (sigh) you got me...that was actually pretty cleaver...

Custard: thanks I....huh!?

Strawberry crepe: what? What's wrong? Wha!?

(Both of them noticed crepes belly was inflating faster and bigger... eventually her whole body followed)

Strawberry crepe: i-i can't move! Custard! Help me!

Custard: I don't know how to fix this! I thought it would just be your belly that blows up! Not your entire body!

Strawberry crepe: ooohhh....I feel so full...the swelling isn't stopping...I don't know how long I'm gonna last...

( Strawberry crepes puffs up more and more...his arms and legs sinking into to his body and his belly gurgling more the bigger he gets... eventually his body began to rumble and stretch...the limit was surely close... )

Custard: uhhhh...I think I should hide...(hides behind a thing)

Strawberry crepe: n-no wait! Please! I don't wanna explode! Come back!

(Custard couldn't hear a thing for he blocked out all the noise for him... strawberry crepe was on the verge of bursting...his body couldn't take the pressure anymore...his shirt finally rips exposing his belly button...it would take a miracle to stop this)

Strawberry crepe: i-i can't take it anymore! I...I....IM GONNA...

(Suddenly the swelling stops and the gas buildup ends...it was over...but now crepe was stuck like that till he can pass all the gas one burp at a time)

Strawberry crepe: pop?....d....did it stop?....I think it stoped! I'm gonna be ok! I'm g*uuuuuuuurp* oops...

Custard: huh? Wasn't there supposed to be a boom? (Looks at crepes state) y-your ok! Thank goodness! I thought there would be a big mess I'd have to clean up...

Strawberry crepe: is that really all your worried about?

Custard: sorry...hey are you ok...

Strawberry crepe: I don't know...my belly feels so tight...and I need a new shirt since the ones have on ripped...

Custard: your shirt ripped?

Strawberry crepe: yes...

Custard: I'll see later if I can lend you one...(rubs his belly) I'm glad your ok

Strawberry crepe: (blushing) t-thanks...and please keep rubbing that feels amazing...

Custard: oh ok!

(So the two had a nice time together...e n d)
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