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Rated: E · Chapter · Comedy · #2275238
Satou Anko is seemingly an ordinary high school girl, expect she can transform into...
“I'm going to be late!”

My name's Satou Anko. Everyone calls me Anko.
This morning I was running as fast as I could down the street to school with a slice of bread in my mouth.

“Oh my God, Anko!”

Suddenly, a tiny cute creature swooped down from the sky right in front of me.

“What's the matter, Gurucchi? Why are you in such a hurry?”

This is Gurucchi. He is a blood sugar fairy.

“I can hear the pancreas inside some middle-aged man's body crying.”

I was about to be late, and he cried to me with tears in his eyes.

“What? Did someone order the ramen gyoza and half-fried rice set meal with free rice refills this early in the morning?”
“Doesn't seem like it.”
“Anyways, let's go straight to the site.”

I made a quick turn and headed out to educate myself on today's target.

At a certain udon shop in a corner of town—

“Who the hell are you?”

By the time I arrived it was already too late.

“I am Satou Anko. What the hell are you eating?”

There I saw an obese salaryman on a typical diabetic diet.
He said, “Huh, isn't this pretty healthy? It's just a salad udon?”

I called out to him, but he seemed unconcerned as he shoveled down a bowl of carrot-filled kakiage with tomato salad udon noodles.
It only took him three minutes to eat.

“I used to eat a hamburger and french fries with a coke, but these days I only drink orange juice because it's healthier. It's a good source of vitamin C and good for your health, right?”

He smiled with a proud smile on his face and started to drink the juice he had bought from the vending machine in front of the store.
I couldn't just sit back and let this happen.

“Damn it, this is too much for his pancreas. Gurucchi, I'm going to transform.”


Insulin power, make up!

Like any other magical girl, I was enveloped in a mysterious light and transformed in the middle of the street for about 0.1 seconds, completely naked.

Sugar Buster Anko, on behalf of your pancreas, I'm gonna punish you!”

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