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by Jacey
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Its no formula, but I feel it works best for me!

I am not sure on how you overcome hurt, but I have my own way of dealing with it. I have spent days on how not to be a receiver of it but end up there every time. That's my perspective, probably the person who hurts me has his own justifying statement. Well I'm writing so its only my point of view for you.!!

Certain times I spend a lot of time trying to stay strong, never look vulnerable types! I have travelled days being that way, but there is always that trigger that pushes you over the edge and you break. You fall apart! the tears that was welled up quite nicely comes running down. Outside u act like a cold person, but all emotions rush to the center of your very being. Don't control it then, if you do, you will end up in depression. Instead cry your heart out for sometime. Eventually, it stops! you will be a little free, I' m not assuring 100% relief, but there is a piece that is lifted up.

That's the time where you go in front of a mirror and tell yourself "I am unique being, I am special. I am different and I have a Future and nothing will stop me !" a little more free!! then you call a loved one , a friend or a family person or anyone who wishes true happiness for you and talk to them for sometime. It opens you up. Sometimes, a kind of hurt is what we force on ourselves and this is going to give a different angle to deal with your issue.

Well I have solved 50% of it now!! we ll discuss in the coming posts ! See yawl :D

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