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by Kris
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2276050
I was presented with the task to write from the perspective of the floor under my feet.
I let a long, relieved sigh out after holding my breath for a couple of minutes. I had been underwater, or so I believed. I wasn´t completely sure why, but I felt somewhat better. More fresh and pure. The smell of lavander came to my senses and I immideately felt fully recharged; it had always been my favourite scent. I had unconsciously associated that fragrance to the feeling of pure bliss I was undergoing, since it wasn´t the first time, nor the last, I hoped.
I suddenly felt as though I wanted the world to see me, I urged them all to come over and take a look. Set their eyes on what was nothing short of a marvellous sight, a miracle! Ah, what would it be like, the day I could go out. I had stayed in the same old place for as long as I could remember. That pintoresque mansion, that went well with my classy pattern. It was surely mesmerising, of course, but one could not help but wonder. The extensive land across the world was waiting for me, all waiting for me to discover it, what a treat! I knew someday I would get out, I knew it.
Huh? Suddenly I felt something odd. Something was off. The scent, it was wearing off! And what was that? Oh good lord! Dirt! Out of the blue a footstep had covered my first 5 metres in dust and dirt!
What a disgrace. I had nothing to do. I couldn´t possibly go out looking like this! ,could I? I would have to wait for the enchanting fragrance to be laid upon me once again, in order to prepare my trip, and for sure, leave once and for all!
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