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by Misty
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listening to your thoughts
Faint Voices

Shh! Do you hear that? It sounds as if there is something here. Alex stands there in silence trying to listen to it closer. What is that noise? He asks himself. It is so faint but so loud all at the same time.

Alex, it says calling out his name, I see you but you can't see me. Alex starts turning every which way to see where the voice was coming from. He starts heading down the hall as the voice still calls out to him. So confused by what is going on Alex starts to freak out. Sweat dripping from his forehead and his body trembling in fear. Alex wants to take cover but is stuck where he stands.

Alex the voice calls out again, I am in here. Alex gulps the spit from his mouth and swallows hard as not to make a sound. He begins to start walking again slowly creeping down the hall. He tip toes to be silent as not to make a sound but the squeaky floor rips a loud one and scared him even more.

Oh, Alex what are you doing? I can see that you are getting near.

Alex stops dead in his tracks. Why are you doing this to me? He asks.

The voice softly whispers to him. I am what you want to be. That brave soul and a hero of your own story in life.

Alex replies, "I am not understanding". What do you mean you are what I want to be?

Strong and unafraid of the life that you are living.

Alex stands there and thinks for a minute than replies, "You know what you are right"!

Catching his breath, he stands taller than ever as he continues to move forward trying to leave the past behind. I am greater than I know I am, and I will achieve all that I know I can be, he says to himself. Alex seems to be doing a lot better than before, but all the sudden the faint voice disappears.

Hello! Are you there? Alex asks.

Nothing is said in return. As Alex keeps walking down the hallway A sudden loud yell startles him as he jumps out of his shoes.

Boo! The voice says. Did you really think I was gone?

Alex replies, "Yes I did".

Faintly the voice says to Alex, "Be strong you have got this and always remember that when you put your mind to it you can achieve happiness". Softly telling Alex goodbye the voice completely fades off into the distance.

We all have the good thoughts and the voices in our heads telling us to be kind to our self and to work harder for us to achieve what we want to achieve. If you believe in yourself than you can be whatever you want to be. In this story Alex was reflecting off his inner self trying to change his way of thinking. He was able to overcome whatever insecurity that he was dealing with himself. It was almost like an inner echo that he was listening to. His thoughts were so loud in his head that he was able to pick himself up out of whatever funk he was in and was able to continue on the right path in life. Alex has learned to except himself and maintain a happy and healthy life.

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