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A young man has a conversation with an enhanced version of his future self.
The Arrogant Ones

“Just who do you think you are, inviting yourself to Earth? You look just like a human, and if it wasn’t for that weird glow, I’d think you were one of us.”
“If you will give me a chance to explain, I will provide you with an explanation that will satisfy you and your friends over there.”
“Well, I guess I can give you that much. My friends and I spend a great deal of our time trying to convince this arrogant society that we are just like them; we just do things differently. Go ahead and explain. But this better be good.”
“I assure you that what you hear will keep you spellbound. You may not believe me at first, but as I said, you won’t be able to deny that my story is not only viable but credible as well, given where America stands today, on the chart of civilization.”
“You already aroused my curiosity; I need to hear the rest of this. My friends don’t matter.”
“A fallen apple looks much like its ancestors when it hits the ground; it just tastes a little different.”
“Now you really do have my interest. Come on, let’s go sit over there.”
“This place is quite private. We have places like this on our world. To begin my story, I must make my story personal. I am you fifty years in the future.”
“Let me say something. You’re me in the future after that freaking vaccine did it’s thing on my system, right?”
“You’ve got it, by golly, as certain people are fond of saying.”
“I believe you because you sound like those English royal folks.”
“First, let me say, I am not, nor have I ever been part of British Royalty; I am not that soggy, stilted, and just plane boring. But to clarify your statement, I am the result of the last government vaccine program.”
“That’s the one they forced me to take before I could leave the hospital.”
“That’s what happened to me. Even today, although it’s only been about two years since they finally ended to programs. I guess the doctor on the hill didn’t know as much as thought about the effects of that shot.”
“Whatever happened to that computer dweeb who started everything by starting his program to force the masses to take the vaccine.”
“Oh, after his wife hung him out to dry, he got a real bad case of Alzheimer, and it got into his windows eleven operating system, and as far as I know he’s still working out the bugs in the system. That’s just an opinion, of course, but what is a guy supposed to think when an operating system can’t even remember is name? I mean, it is said: A computer is only as smart as the brain that programmed it.”
“That’s it exactly! Did he ever work out all the bugs?”
“As far as I know it’s still undergoing testing.”
“Well, things haven’t changed that much, between then and now.”

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