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part 1 of my little story,,,,if anybody wants part 2 let ,me know x
Sara sat up her heart beating so fast in her chest that she could also hear each beat in her ears, since she was a small child she had the strangest dreams, it always happened, but she could never make much sense of her dreams growing up but lately they were becoming more transparent,
she got up, had breakfast and a shower, and headed to college.
she met her best friend gemma in the local coffee shop just around the corner from the college, gemma was looking at her with concern another dream Sara sara said yea but I don't want to talk about it, maybe later okay.
Sara and gemma had been best friends forever, they lived next door to each other's houses they were actually like sisters.
during class Sara felt unwell so she asked to be excused, she went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face, she wasn't feeling any better by the next class so she took the rest of the day off and went home.
That night Sara fell asleep and had the strangest dream in the dream she was in her classroom and people were screaming and crying one of her friends had a beautiful white denim jacket on with pink embroidery but it was covered in blood that's all she remembered when she woke up. The next day in school everything was going ok until her classmate Lucy walked in with the jacket she had seen in the dream, it was all flooding back to her and just as she went to say to lucy that she liked her jacket the school's fire drill went off, it was super loud, when the class all lined up to go out in a single line as what they practiced for fire drills, they heard loud bangs outside like bangers and fireworks but much louder, they heard about stuff like this before but never in a million years thought that it would happen in their school. they all hid under their desks and in classroom presses, one minute felt like one hour, it was so scary a horrible feeling of dread hung in the air, They thought everything was ok when a man shouted its the police you can come out, Lucy opened the door before anybody had a chance to say no and she was shot in the heart, Sara tried to help her but she died instantly. sara needed to know what to do she wasn't to know a shooter was going to kill her good friend and a few others from her school, but she needed to know why she dreamt such important details like lucy in the exact jacket.
She had heard stories about a traveler gypsy witch who lived near the edge of their town, since a small kid she was forbidden to go up there, she was almost 18 so she decided she would go. she thought it would be best to go alone
When she knocked on the door she heard a woman say come in, she was expecting a witch that you would see on tv films with a big pointy nose and a hat and moles, this woman was beautiful she had dark hair it was tied up in a bun she had lovely big dark brown eyes and she was a bit tan, she was so pretty, she told Sara to take a seat and to relax, she asked May I? and Sara gave her hand, the witch closed her eyes for a few minutes and then she jumped causing Sara to jump too, Sara asked what it was, the witch said my name is wendy and I was the strongest witch in this town but I'm not anymore, because you are, What.no no I just came here for some advice about my dreams and wendy said to have your dreams been coming through lately, Sara nodded, that's the start of it, my dear. you just need to remember that you are in control,
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