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A 16 year old girl goes on a quest to find 50 good men for an all woman town.
A town called Delight

It is 1872 in the Northwestern Territory of Delight, Colorado. There is a sign being posted up in the window of the local newspaper office that reads Wild West News Special Edition. The newspaper rolls out of the press and neat stacks are put on a long table. Newspaper work is tedious and finding out the news to report in a small town can become boring and monotonous if one doesn’t flower some things up a bit once in a while. To make the paper you have to take print molds of each letter of the alphabet, set them in order on a plate and then ink them. This makes a print of the page and then that page is run on the hand press to make copies.

This is Miss Molly Lavender, the Newspaper Editor of Wild West News. This edition is very special today because it may completely change the course of our lives.
It’s another day of sunshine and nobody is visiting our town again. You see, our brothers, fathers and husbands died in the war and we were left to fend for ourselves five years ago. Oddly enough we only had daughters. It must be the water. So there are no men in Delight. We have women running ranches and farms, preaching, being the Sheriff and even our Judge. Our town is ready for more visitors and we are lonely.
We had a town meeting last night and decided to advertise for new visitors and most of us need a man in their lives. Most of the women are still child-bearing and would love a larger family. So the special edition has been written. It states that we are looking for 50 good men from neighboring towns who are ranchers, farmers and interested in relocating to our town. To begin a new life with one of our women. Of course there will be an interview process and they must meet the town’s criteria. This is my daughter Lucy. She is a mere 16 years old but do not let that fool you. She is a headstrong lady who can take care of herself. She is going on this quest and delivering the special editions to the newspaper offices and interviewing the men. She wants to be an Attorney or a Judge when she is learned and this is a good practice for her. The school of life is the best way to learn and cheaper also. Lucy takes the large stack of papers and rolls them up in a blanket and mounts her horse.
“Now Lucy, you do not dilly dally in the towns. Do your job and you will not get into any trouble. You get back home as soon as you are done before the Winter sets in. Do not bring back any copies. I want them all given out and at least 50 good men returning with you” Mollie said, handing her a flour sack filled with cornbread, fruit and beef jerky. She also handed her a canteen full of cool water. Here is some money. Stay in a hotel each night and travel during the day. Be safe.”
Lucy hugged her Mother and rode off as her Mother watched. Mollie saw Sheriff Andrea sitting on her porch whittling a cat for her daughter.
“Lucy going to be safe Molly? Does she have a gun? The Sheriff said without looking up. Sheriff Andrea always had a way of knowing what was going on around her at all times.’’.
“I did not think they would need one-besides, she could not hit the side f s barn! She will be fine. It is the men and outlaws I worry about. What if the men that answer the ad are outlaws and try to rob the bank and kill you and burn the town? I had a dream of it last night.”.
“Mollie, it is just a dream just like your other ones. No men are going to start trouble in this town because we all know how to ride, shoot, fight, and hold our own. Men can be good thing when you have one that can take care of you and work hard. Even better when you have true love and he treats you right. Hopefully, this time there will be no more wars to take this batch from us. I just hope Lucy finds me one that can keep up with me.” the Sheriff said, disappearing into the office.
So I went to the General Store and picked up a few things. Eating would be just me for a while so I will have to adjust the rations.
“Heck, I miss Lucy already. This will be hard, I am so used to having her around.” Mollie said, picking out some cans of peaches, flour and beans.
“I would never have Carly go on such a dangerous quest. There are some really mean men out there that would just love to take advantage of a young lady by raping her and turning her into a dance hall girl. You might need to worry about that” Miss Sandy said curtly as she packed up her goods.
“She will be fine. I raised her right.” Molly said leaving the store with her head held high. Returning to the office. She sat at her desk with a cup of coffee looking out the window wondering what was happening with her daughter.

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