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An hobby writer called Lenoria discovers a secret about creative energy.
Part 1- Chapter 1

Lenoria leaped from her bed as the sounds of earth cracked apart and quakes penetrated deep within her bones, her heart pushed against her chest as she shivered with the earth. A flash lit up her small studio apartment, moments later the tremble of thunder hit too close to her liking. She released a heavy breath which enveloped her with calm at the realisation. “I’m here, it’s not that...place” she thought.

Rubbing her sand covered eyes, she walked off to make a cup of black coffee and took her rattling rat from his cage, returning to the warmth of her heavy weighed blanket, she looked out into the window.
The storms ravaged, acting like wendigos sucking out the blood colors of sheep in the skies, leaving a dead grey sky. it’s motions swirling as if invisible dragons flew through them while they shot daggers of rain upon this world.
Many say, thunderstorms felt like enraged gods fighting against each other within the invisible realms, but in lenorias eyes she saw ancient creatures of nature giving Earth a necessary wake-up call. Its lightning striking the ground which upon the worms awoke from its depths, emerging to feed on the scattered minerals and nutrients. Flourishing the plant life where insects use its leaves as tiny umbrellas. Mammals who hid within their cozy nests cuddling closely their family for warmth, and the humans who sat inside like Lenoria now with a cup of coffee, hugged by a heavy blanket and a tiny rat who sat snuggled in-between her neck.
In her eyes, the storms are the great givers, the bonding smiths and the infinite canvas which upon creativity could be let loose-

"Ouch!" She pulled out her rat and held him to look straight into his eyes.
"Mister Tango, what did I tell you about nipping on my piercings?" She said, Tango snickered and turned circles on her hand.
"Oh." Her face softened, finally switching on the lights of her apartment and walked towards Mister Tangos cage, laid him inside and refilled his water and food.

"It's a mess..." she murmured under her breath, glaring at her home looking as if a beast dashed over and wrecked through, generating a tornado from its spiked wings as if it tried to find a treasure between lands of trash, clothes and opened books laying on the floor, seats and everywhere else where the sun doesn’t reach. Her neon LED lit wooden desk full of printed scriptures and empty pens, and a band sticker filled laptop still laying open after yesterday's writing session. Her fairy-lights flickered.
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