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This is part 1 of my story of how Chrys influenced me to do some very crazy actions.
It's a pleasant serene February evening during '18.

I had just come back to my home town after a five-year hiatus and just after getting moved into my new place I was relaxed and settling in.

This particular evening probably was just a normal hum drum, and perhaps even a mundane one for most of you, however, when I get together with my BIG BRO, Dale, anything is possible. Allow me to share my life changing event with you so you will understand how I made the worst mistake of my life. I am a real decent guy who has actually made a major life changing decision by coming back to this very iniquitous city once again even though I had a place to stay near family. I will relay my TRUE story as it unfolds.

I am a totally confident 50-year-old man but have more than just a few inhibitions trapped deep inside myself. Even the best of us must keep these secrets hidden deep within our souls, until something OR someone taps into the deep dark part within all of us that gives these secrets a home. This night after he came to join me at my place, my inhibitions escaped and allowed anyone within eye shot to see what I normally keep hidden deep inside.

I called my "BIG BRO" Dale.

"I'm back in business, BRO."

Then Dale, knowing that I am actually in town now, mentions he wants to have a homecoming party for me.

"Hey lil bro, you wanna get wasted?"
he asked.

"Sure, why not? It's been so damn long; I just don't know HOW long!"
as I happily responded with a smile that could easily be felt through the phone.

He was over in what seemed like only minutes, after he arrived to party with me, it really felt like we were back in HS again. It actually felt like yesteryear, as we were remembering the good Old days, where Dale would record tapes for me on his dad's expensive stereo system while we both partied.

He brought Chrys along to join the party!

Chrys, is an old buddy from yesteryear who I have not seen in decades.

Three long decades I will add to be precise.

The factor with Chrys though, is making us guys hypersexual and causing us guys to do actions that may have sexual connotations such as the inhibitions mentioned earlier. Keep this in mind as you read further.

My story tonight is meant to educate you about my brave and bewildering actions after running into Chrys. After just a few minutes of having Chrys influence my behavior while reminding me of the good Old days, I allowed Chrys the opportunity to get feeling insanely fanatically crazy as Chrys coaxed me into some wild; perhaps even insanely stupid behaviors that changed me into something else while listening to Chrys way too much in some of the most dangerous and crazy manners ever.

While you review all of my oblivious and startling conduct, you will attain more insight into my various mindless activities. You will need to judge for yourself just how crazy my actions were on this unique eve while you decide for yourself. My freedom just might be in jeopardy as I make new friends with Chrys.

Chrys has been mellowing out since this precarious night, but I still continue my unlawful and dangerous habit, while listening to Chrys.

It was this very eve when it all started.

Chrys came back into my life and scarred me for what would be a few years into my future.

Because after this problematic night, I fell for Chrys and just couldn't let him go, even into the near future.

The only, even vaguely light hearted moment in this narrative, is when I believed my philosophy on my 3 different intellectual mind(s) to me very long ago, as I explain extensively, while I boldly affirmed,

"I will never be with Chrys exclusively, because I have, first and foremost, my soul.
It serves as my inner voice that controls my decisions, and everything I do, making me human, while it directs
my brain which finally directs my body, while all 3 are working together in unison at all times.
My soul tells my brain what to do, then my brain gives my body the message, and my body obviously complies with its directives.
Therefore, when I (my soul) tell my brain and body what to do, [Chrys] cannot get to control me."
That is precisely why addiction is not possible, at least for me, having unlimited will power."

"Just how do you think that Chrys, of all that's out there, can control ME?"
as I inquire further, and mystified to just how strong and unrelenting Chrys can and will be in my life.

This was my very belief years ago; this is exactly how I felt. So, I really don't know if this is a light-hearted account, or the very allegation to make this presentation more serious and perhaps grim, instead. If Chrys makes me obey him eternally, then this very affirmation could be the paradox to my life presently. I see way too much irony already. I have always felt I am in total control over Chrys. However, I am suspicious I may be insanely loyal to him. I assure you that I don't need him ALL the time, but within a week I end up calling Chrys again. Chrys, most times can be influential and this is how I will give in to Chrys. When I have "real" friends, without Chrys to keep me company, I will not need Chrys anymore. Either way, this was the dark cloud that started me off inadvertently veering down the wrong path in the worst direction, especially if Chrys is influencing me and my decisions somehow, while maintaining the same deadly path.

As we began partying, Dale has a little secret that only I know.

He always likes to dress up when Chrys is around,

and Me?

Well, let's just say I would always dress "down," so to speak, during the party, while Chrys gave me an incentive to make me feel more comfortable.

More on that coming up.

It doesn't really matter whether you want to call Chrys a different name, whether Chrys wastes time, or "tweaking", or just plain high in the sky, it's still Chrys just the same. It's just that Chrys might flake out at times, or if he works crushing glass, while he deals with liquids and then he is ready to go! I'm sure most of you know what to do with Chrys then. The really odd thing that I found, was that I NEVER coughed with Chrys.

Kind of strange, isn't it?

Tonight, was going to be the most memorable EVER!

It was about to be a life changer for me!

Either way you slice it, tonight was going to be FAR BEYOND your, or anyone's, wild imagination!

So, YOU......(YES YOU!!!) had better prepare yourself RIGHT NOW!!


Are you ready for a WILD (or perhaps even an INSANE) ride?

You better really be ready for this one.

You won't believe the freaky whacked out shit you are about to encounter!

Since it had been so long since I was around Chrys, Chrys had complete and unchallenged control over me. What's weird, as I party with Chrys, he has the ability to erase my memories partially, so I have a bit of a fuzzy memory about all that happened that evening, after not having Chrys for such a long time.

Some of the real "manly" macho guys say with total confidence,
"I am only bi when I'm high."

So, they only play if they are high enough. If they are not able to get high enough bi PnP, they will not even begin to do anything "questionable or less manly."

Whenever I get "Chrys" or "when Chrys demands me to perform," ever since we were teens, I always got "Open and Free" (O&F) around Chrys, because Chrys makes me so damn care free, while he strongly suggests that I, MUST be "Open & Free" because I always said,

"I almost feel like I'm not being hospitable to Chrys at all, if I am NOT O&F."

It's just my very own way of dressing WAY down, as mentioned earlier.

So, just to be "straight"

Dale dresses in, well, a Dress & much more.


I dress down, or actually NOT AT ALL, especially with Chrys.

Got it?


Moving on, as I tell my story, I will explain exactly how Chrys controls me without any mercy, but Chrys went so far in Feb that night, I was a totally different animal.

Yes, I do mean exactly that!!

A very wild and totally crazy ANIMAL!!

Because, I don't know how I did the beyond crazy, whacky, and I would even say "very stupid and dubious," antics I pulled off this particular eve, but in the "end" I managed to stay not only open, but also free, without even seeing jail for what could have been a very long time.

First, to start off everything very risky, I went downstairs while O&F twice!!


TWICE, as if just once wasn't way beyond risky!!

So, I gather Chrys must have hit me way too hard or perhaps I hit Chrys too hard, either way I didn't have much good sense after Chrys influenced me as he joined in.

BOTH times while downstairs, I had thought that the girl living downstairs was coming but lucky for me, both times it was Dale coming back from his car in the lot, what a relief!

This was only, but just the very beginning of the crazy insane night that was about to take place.

Just wait!

We are only just warming up.

I promised "freaky whacked out shit"

Dale said that I played with rope that night, but I don't even remember that part. What I do remember, is Chrys must have hit me so fucking hard, that I just flew out of the house at some point, and didn't even stop to look both ways to cross the street. As far as I can remember,

I ran around the neighborhood block TWICE with ONLY my beautiful birthday suit, or O&F, like I always say!

By some kind act of God, no less, I didn't get caught!

Can you even imagine if I did?

We better not.

Let's listen in as I tell Dale where I've been for the past hour,

"I really don't know how I made it around once, let alone twice, but if I did go around even once, I don't know how the fuck I was able to make it all the way around without getting caught!"

Nowadays, I'm even too timid to go downstairs at 2 am!"

I hope you are totally ready for that wild ride I mentioned earlier because after my "private?"... parade around the neighborhood, there was a point in time that I found myself in front of a car.

Want to attempt to predict what I did while being in front of a car?

I still remember, to this day, what transpired that night!

After being there a little while, I saw a guy get out of his car while watching me.

He was watching me for quite a while as I, being "O&F", was just playing around, but once I saw the guy get out, right in front of me, and didn't even notice him in the car, I darted off.... FAST!!!

I explain that eve:

"I couldn't believe he was in the car at that time of night, just parked there watching me. This was right next door to my own house, on top of everything else. Later on, I was back on my porch and I had been thinking about going up to a girl, with her current boyfriend nearby no less, and I will always remember that I almost went up to her while O&F.

But I didn't!"

Can you imagine if I did, with her BF right next to her?

I'm sure I would have NOT ONLY gotten my ass kicked, then beaten, but hello jail also.

Then right after I had gone back inside, and at least gotten my underwear back on, I was back to my old self and was headed straight to the girl with her current boyfriend who was right next to her. I was so close to going right up to her like about only 3 buildings away, but I was so shy about it all.


Actually, HE(GOD) deserves many more thanks for that night!!!

I hesitated, but it's a good thing I did, because just then I saw a PIG that was driving towards me and fortunately I was behind a trailer that hid me, I thought. I saw him flash his headlights for a bit (not sure if he was looking for me after he maybe got a call?) and not even sure if he could see me, in order to take me to jail. After he had flashed his headlights towards me, he continued to go round the block and he went down the street finally heading away from me.

Perhaps, someone saw me after all?

To this day, I'm not sure if he didn't see me,


if he saw me with my underwear on and disregarded me.

Either way, I am more than fucking lucky!

After I saw him, I immediately went straight home and did not budge for the rest of the night to make damn sure that I was safe and would not be arrested for having the best time of my life. How I got away with it, I will never know!!"

"Sometime during that same night, I thought I saw a couple of guys that were in the tree of the next building over."

Did you prepare yourself earlier?

You better have!

How did you like that completely factual accounting of my wild and insane ride?

This was just the 1st night with Chrys, but I will continue my story with the upcoming nights when I went around town as I enjoy further, O&F escapades.

My entire story is 4 parts where I finally left Chrys forever!
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