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Just a philosophical quandary.
An Ant, A Man and an Eldergod in One Act.

A man wearing an ant costume walks out onto the left third of the stage which is the only part of the stage lit.
The spotlight is on the actor in an Ant Costume.
Ant Speaks: “For the work of life is to support your colony and nothing more.”
The Ant Picks up and carries a paper-mache piece of sugar.
Ant Speaks: “We have come across this cave of wood and stone and are provided abundance.”
Ant Continues: What Joy there is in this abundance, some nay sayers argue we should take care not to overestimate this abundance. But no they have reason to fear, the intellectual among us enjoy the Boon knowing we have found paradise.
The light changes to the middle of the stage leaving the left and right unlit.
A man dressed like a lower-class worker in at-home clothing is seen talking to a man dressed as an exterminator.
The Working Class Man: “You can kill all these pesky ants in my home.”
The Exterminator: “The poisons are some of the most well formulated to kill all insects.”
The Working Class Man looks at the Audience and speaks, “For man was given domain over this to do with animals what he likes and to be fruitful and multiply to the end of time.”
The Working Class Man continues, “Some dirty hippies seem to think that the Earth might be a shared thing, yet the Bible tells us it is only shared by man!”
The light goes out on the right third of the stage.
Cthulhu rises out of the water.
A Narrator Speaks: It speaks many unfathomable words of which the best translation we have is, “As we have slept lower lifeforms have overtaken our home, now my fellow Elders let us purify this planet, knowing that we know the reason of the universe which is **unspeakable words which only the Elder Gods understand**
Narrator: Know despite man’s ignorance and arrogance, that if there is some type of higher lifeforms out there we might meet our fates like ants meet there fates at our hands, for what is a human to an ant but a God and what is a human to a God but an ant.
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