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Hope that calls darknesss into the light
Consumed by darkness praying for light
Called by a blank page to on a page write
The darkness inside becomes words I see
The words tell the tale, a soul wanting to be free

I stare at each word as love casts out fear
I am beginning to think I am someone who cares
Thankful for persons who never gave up
Grief and sadness erupt, a tear drop falls

The storm of my brokenness lights up the sky
I am now let words go and in the process I try,
To believe in something called hope, no longer alone
I am feeling God's grace as the Sun brightly shone,

Revealing in a rainbow God's promise to heal
No longer in prison to darkness too real
Maybe it's time to let others know
That in letting go of darkness a word can bring hope

Thank God for the sunshine that now creeps within
Revealing a saviour who died for my sin
And now I rise up, I no longer feel dead
I walk with conviction no darkness to dread

I celebrate that God all along knew my pain
Hearing my heartache, a new friend to gain,
Who will take up our burdens and walk by our side
So glad I chose Jesus, hanging on for the ride.
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