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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2280086
Flash Fiction

Wandering through Pembleton’s, not really looking for anything in particular. Shopping was like therapy for me. I didn’t buy things most of the time, it just got me away from my apartment, my issues, my neighbors who like to talk... Well, there were people in the store, but they didn’t know me, they weren’t annoying me with mindless chatter like my neighbors often feel free to do.

As I walked by one of the doors that must go to the backrooms I saw a sign taped to it. It rather took me by surprise, it said “you are being watched.”

It was printed, not by hand, but on a white sheet of light cardboard. Taken aback, I immediately looked around! Then realized that was probably the last thing you should do if you think you’re being spied upon.

But, spied upon? In a store? Yes, I’m sure they do, but I hardly think they would advertise it in such a sinister sounding way. Doesn’t seem customer friendly to me. I walked on, but kept my hands in view, just in case.

After stopping at the “Quick Food” place for a quick ice cream, I was leaving the store when I walked by the women’s section. There was that sign! But now it had a top that said, “Why not dress attractively,” and then underneath my sign, “you are being watched.”

My, how times have changed! That advertisement would have creeped me out at a young woman. Now it was likely boosting sales.

Most of the people in my building are in my age bracket. Suddenly I had very fond feelings for them. We were in this world together, and we understood each other. I decided then and there, to be more social with my neighbors!

It lasted two whole days...
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