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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2280314
It's a short story so the judges can figure out which entries go together.
Prompt: Write something with the number 22 as a domanant theme, topic, or idea in honor of WdC's 22nd birthday celebration.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest -- Closed for Now
Word/Line Count

Word Count - 222:

Carmissia McAllen, the twin sister of Carleena Mcknowlty, was twenty-two years old. She had a doorman's signal that was rarely one to be noticed. Hidden inside her scarf was the number 22, a little tiny jewel that took pictures of all the guests; it camouflaged well within the scarf's colors.

Harold Bingum was the name of the doorman. He was a tall man, well-dressed and very distinguished.
He didn't mind sharing his humble abode with visitors. Safety was an important criterion for him; he wanted protection for his guests. By making them feel welcome, he valued his conversations.

Carmissia was a woman of many talents. Whenever things went wrong, repairs were made. She was excellent with electronics and video production. She was well-known.

Carleena was a skeptic. When people said things, she was hard to convince.

Harold, Carmissia, and Carleena were good friends. People liked them because they all had charisma. They were respected in their community for their talent.

Whenever someone wanted their pictures to be taken, Harold, the doorman, with the signal 22, went forward with his mission to fix things for the homeless people. He wrote a petition for building housing.

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