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by BB
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2280449
I can't forget, but I will forgive
I remember the pain,
and the hurt that you caused me.
And oh, how it did rain,
the guilt flooding inside me.

I remember that shame,
and the fear that you brought me.
A beast, I couldn't tame,
It's still raging inside me.

I can't forget those times,
the demons still haunt my sleep.
Lurking inside my mind,
many restless nights I'd weep.

Flashbacks come and they go,
and darkness sets all around.
My memories of old,
keep me falling to the ground.

Sinking deep into nothing,
there is no rock bottom.
Just a feeling of crushing,
a dread I can't fathom.

But I must forgive you,
and not for you, but for me.
For to let go of you,
My heart and mind can be free.

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