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Shadows and Light Poetry Contest - September 2022
Inevitable consequences
continue to happen.
Why on earth did it
happen to me? I Forced
out of my comfort
zone was something
I hadn't anticipated.

Dealing with people
was hard for me;
I feared what they would say.
I knew that my words
would be twisted around;
how would I avoid an escalation
when I didn't want one?

I don't like arguments,
but somehow they get in my face.
By pushing my buttons, they know that
they can get a rise out of me;
it makes me feel uncomfortable; I
don't like arguments in the first place.
Why must this keep on happening?

Minding my own business
when I'm on the street,
I see things happen.
Finding myself walking
the other way is my way
of trying to de-escalate
a potential attack on me.

After seeing someone get
pepper-sprayed, I
felt sorry for the victim;
I didn't think that he
did anything wrong;
he was sprayed right in the eyes,
and the pain that he was feeling
made me want to cry.

Inevitable consequences
shouldn't be; there must be
some reasons why this happens;
compassion is the answer I see.

40 Lines

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, September 24, 2022

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