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A five -year old's first day at school explained in verse.
         Kindergarten, do I like it?
         Yes, I think so, I'll try a bit.
         So many rules and 'don'ts' to mind,
         but I'm five I left four behind.
         Name-calling is not much fun.
         Be nice, kind to everyone.
         Say hello and how are you?
         And are you sad, mad, glad or blue?
         I raise my hand and wait my turn
         'cause one at a time's good to learn.
         Use an indoor voice, please don't shout.
         I speak slow to get the words out.
         Say please, thank you, excuse me. Share.
         I'm sorry, pardon, show's I care.
         Try not to shove, swing, swipe or slap,
         but it's okay to cheer and clap.
         I should not stomp, stamp, throw a fit,
         nor shriek scream, flail ,flop, none of it.
         I'm to use my words when I feel
         the need to cry, squawk, squirm or squeal.
         I did paint, dress-up, pretend.
         I baked pies, poured tea with a friend.
         We all sat to hear a story.
         Wondrous words weave new worlds to see.
         I twirled on tip-toe to a beat.
         I tapped, turkey-trot, twist my feet.
         Outside I run, skip, hide and seek.
         I'm not too quiet, no mouse squeak.
         I kick a ball. I throw a ball
         to my new classmates, big and small.
         My teacher knows so many things
         like why fairies fly, flit with wings.
         She sings the words to all the songs.
         Her hands make magic, move along.
         She promised to teach me to read.
         The alphabet is all I need.
         With a pencil I print my name.
         Miss Clare plays a fun spelling game.
         A, b, c, d and one, two, three
         Are on the wall for me to see.
         A purple puppy, splotchy moose
         Sit with a cow and Mother Goose.
         I struggled with scissors to snip.
         Miss Clare says I'll master my grip.
         Lots of paper to cut, glue, mark.
         I drew a clown, Fern drew a shark.
         My hair got pulled. I yelped. I yelled.
         He's not so sorry I can tell.
         Say stop to a bully, don't bite.
         Rules know two wrongs don't make a right.
         His name is Tim. I don't like him.
         He sticks out his tongue, so does Jim.
         Miss Clare says boys don't have cooties,
         But I am sure, absolutely.
         My first day is over, I'm done.
         I think tomorrow could be fun.
         I'll try not to poke, pester, pout.
         Miss Clare praises when I don't shout.
         Five means I'm big, ready to learn.
         And I like my new friend, she's Fern.
         She's a big sister just like me
         and we both like to eat cookies.
         She's oh so nice is my Miss Clare.
         She smiles big and has long, dark hair.
         She waved goodbye. Come back won't you?
         She promised more fun things to do.
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