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the pathways of one holding to the law
(1) Describe any initial refusals on the part of your protagonist(s) to face the conflict.
The undead war battle as a mortal- has to call on constructs to defend and create a new armored city
High elf vs Dark elf magic war-use only his dragon ability-uses the plants to drain the life force of one trying to kill Adam and Eve
High heaven vs Oni holy-battle fight with dragon ability-constructs giant guards to fight with the seven princes
undead invade other worlds-battle as mortal-constructs used to attack the commanding captain killing him

(2) Describe the moment when your protagonist(s) makes the choice to face the conflict.
as he fights with the undead on Earth, the entire universe shudders as the gates of heaven fall now he must choose to get the others or charge in

(3) Describe the moment when your protagonist(s) crosses the point of no return and cannot change their mind.
the two courts come to help only to see him ripping the army apart and the fight between brothers is shaking the universe and destroying asteroids on the lowest primordial waves

(4) Fill in some of the blanks: How will your characters get from the point of no return to the climax?
return to Earth and show his true form to his people asking for forgiveness and setting up a trap with two of the 12 heavenly treasures getting the antagonists all in one place, springing the trap he and the courts seal them away then setting out to hide his son away from all who would use him and his line
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