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what if the brothers of cosmic force clash
Cosmos form: his long body turns into an infinity galaxy with planets of translucent gold glow(Yecta)

an imperial dragon with an infinity galaxy with a Rosen black hole surrounded by a reddish midnight purple translucent glow body and translucent star mane(Drakein)(D,

the clash
Drakein's army he brought thru the broken gates lay in waste as Yecta made his way towards his brother only thinking of stopping him here and now. The angels(the second time Atum cried giving birth to the heavenly hosts) shuddered in fear for the dragon of the order has killed in the name of justice and at what cost?
Claw in claw, toe to toe stood both dragons in a stalemate and a ripple left from their position moving across the universe destroying a few asteroids the size of Buicks, it was at this point the two courts found them and showed up only to see Yecta destroying the army of the Core of Nun, where it would take all 4 Primals to do what he was doing by himself.
they had a choice to stop the brothers or secure the treasures. a second wave went out as Yectas golden scales melded into a black space with stardust and what to be the planets of Zeglar knocking them on their butts and destroying 4 of the dwarf planets. The space between the brothers is wrapping.

How will this affect the galaxy and all in it? gravitational waves

wave 1- small asteroids break apart and the universe feels a small tremor

wave 2- dwarf planets break apart and small asteroids disintegrate tremors shake small worlds

warning to act fast- the two cosmic forces glow bright and swirl around both clashing entities

wave 3- life(25%) on all worlds disintegrate, small worlds break apart and the tremors shake the entire cosmos, second sun burns out causing the first to pull the remaining materials into its orbit

wave 4- a dark wave goes thru devouring everything in its way,

wave 5 destroys both bodies and anything near them the universe has two days before it implodes into nothingness

what happens if they die(Yecta and Drakein)? -big rip causing the universe to fold in on itself into nothingness
how will the universe look after if it survives?
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