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the master plot
Yecta's journey

Act 1-rise of the lords

1. he is living a life of delusion, living as a mortal when he is a god. (how can you be true to others if you can't be true to yourself)

2. has no faith, he has no faith in the gods including himself(watched 10 of his civilizations be destroyed by his brother or his cult)
(how can you have belief in yourself if you have no faith)
3. trust in gods, Anger at the gods-questioning their judgment (his reaction to Hathor)

1. want-a simple life where the only time he has to use his abilities is to heal land and people

2. no faith-has no faith or trust in any of the gods(answers fathers call out of loyalty)

3. Pangea-Egypt, hiding as a mortal and not interfering with the lives they lead leaving the choice up to them to make their own paths

Theme stated
his lack of faith or trust
must go a pilgrimage-needs to have faith in the gods and himself

1. Taweret has come to collect Yecta by Atums orders( meeting of the gods)Calling Yecta to action

(debate and prep)

1. Yecta starts arguing with Taweret when a panicked group of students places their hands on the teacher's new form to get his attention on what's happening to the land

2. The land turns grey and plants turn to ash-Yecta's hands turn cosmic with a gold glow protecting the people from instant death-Azmet convinces him to answer the call

Break into 2

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