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from the birth of the universe and his way of reclaiming what was taken
A bright light emerged from the cosmic rivers of the eternal waters of chaos called Nun and Yecta's father Atum rose and by his will created the Zeglar galaxy and everything in it. From the birth of Yecta-he was born from what remained of the Nun river. The light took the form of a long body with 4-clawed toes, and scales reflecting the galaxy flowing on its body star dust led to planets that led to stars splitting surrounded by a golden glow while the dark void created an event horizon. The event horizon split into 2 linked by a twisting bridge with one end(head) showing stardust leading to asteroids breaking apart into the horizon and spitting out the other end(tail) as a dark red gas that would form new asteroids surrounded by a midnight purple glow that became scales matching the glow.

The Primordials and gods were given tasks or jobs, where primordials were given watch over universal balance- gods were given jobs depending on the role they played and he was housed in the Prison of elements and underworld gates. There were seven gates one for each cardinal sin, after many years he grew angry at his children and tried many times to coax his brother to fight him knowing if they joined forces they could send the entire galaxy back into the Nun.

The fall of Jerico was by his doing;

Three fortnights before the rebellion- The night had come with a few clouds as people settled in protected by his kin, a breeze blew thru the trees as the gods communed going over daily check-ins and tabs on how the world was coming along. some were awake wondering why the gods didn't include them in the chat since they were the scouts of the gods. A shadow moved across the city only heard by the weary and drunks-
" why do you serve them when they don't even acknowledge your work?, who are they to hold you back? follow me and you won't be treated like dogs", they heard from the shadows that composed the alleys and corridors.
Drakein watched from his prison post as they turned their hatred outward gathering others who felt unappreciated by the goods.
when the humans rebelled his voice reached the
"KILL those who would get in your way, if they won't join you they are against you"
and he watched as they threw others of their kind of the great plateau or burned them to the ground as the building the gods meet in came down on top of them hearing
" we are the gods now"
Atum and the other gods left the humans and sent a punisher to deal with them as he was told to collect his prisoners, so he attacked at the end when the lion left and sent a void fireball to bring them to him, the fireball hit and opened as those he tempted was collected and the unworthy burned giving life to Aknar for who he had plans for.
Drakein watched as his cult came to be after he put the people from Jerico back on Pangea and in his shadow, they were allowed to take their revenge on the gods. Generations would go by as the cult grew not just in members but in power, as the warriors attacked the cities Yect taught in Drakein would step one foot on the ground there causing the land to turn grey as the colour drains, plants turn black as the rot at 500xs the normal rate causing the decay to put a putrid smell on the air making citizens of those cities sick then die of a plague or the land would sink under them flooding the place with sand that was held at bay. Every 100 generations Drakei would send them to other worlds to torment other gods, for if he can't get his brother to fight him then he can flush him out by attacking the universe from his prison post that was now his cult headquarters making his brother look crazy in the eyes of his fellow gods and Primordials.
His primordial agent Aknar went from battlefield to battlefield gaining strength then once Drakein saw he had enough power he sent Aknar to Hametsu to deal with Etchula, and with each dark primordial he raised brought him closer to his goal of pulling the universe back into the void
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