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Poem about broken trust
Trust is a fickle thing
It is sometimes hard to understand
You put faith in people around you
Thinking that they care

The trust is like a spider web
Fragile to the touch
It just takes one action
To make it come undone

Once that trust is broken
It takes over your mind
You wonder what else they have done
Where you always this blind

Like that web it sticks to your mind
You will always compare them to everyone else through out time
It will start to hurt you
Make you broken inside

From this moment having trust hard
You start to create a barrier
A wall around your heart
You can not handle it to be torn apart

You live your life like a guard
Protecting your fragile heart
Blocking possible blessing
You cry in the dark

Self love will be the key to healing
Learn to trust in yourself
Take off the blinders
And start to see inside

The trust lost by one person
Will not be the same for the next
Each person is different
Just have to give them a chance.

Trust can be beautiful
It can grow and thrive
Just have to be open
To this new gift you find.
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