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Poem about depression
I can't get out of bed
Just like life these sheets are weighing me down
Pain consumes my soul
Lots of darkness is here to drown

The sound of the clock is ticking in time
But my body just tries to hide.
I take another pill and stare into space
I never wanted to be this way

You just don't understand
I have always been swaying on the edge
Voices in my head telling me stories
Reality seems across a border of my mind

Take another pill wash it all down
It will fix this I will come around
Sweat it all out I get like this
Darkness is temporary I see it

I tried to find bliss in my many mistakes
To find that happiness to get the darkness away
Bombs going off inside my head
Like a war with myself I feel like I am dead

So many cracks in my armor
My skin is now exposed
Easy to cut and can feel extreme pain
I only have myself to blame

I tried to be happy, I tried to fit in
Could not handle the pressure
Could not find the win
So that is how the darkness set in

My heart is cold
Like ice frozen in time
Struggle with the weight of life
I would rather not survive

Shattered heart
like a thousand slivers
Cutting through trying to get loose
Screaming for help but no words could be heard

I can't get out of bed
The weight of the world is just weighing me down
Can't get out of my head
I am close to death right now

Drink some water, take another pill
I will get better I am sure I will
Can't move my head
The war inside is tearing me down

Can't get out of bed
I am to far gone to move right now
Darkness is my friend
This will be my end...
I can't get out of bed!
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