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I wrote this when statues were being removed and/or taken down.
Here I stand on this heroic pedestal
Chiseled and shaped by a great sculptor’s tool.
You may think of me as just a monument of some past war,
Commemorating a dumb battle of blood, guts and gore.
But I represent all the soldiers who didn’t return home
Who fought for our country and died all alone.

Defending the rights of everyone around,
Following orders and not backing down.
All across the continents, and even in the USA
From the beaches of Normandy to the island of Midway
From the deserts of Iraq and jungles of Vietnam
Noriega in Panama and the atrocious Sadaam!

We go when called with no questions asked
Firing up the enemies and completing all tasks
We go and we fight to preserve what’s right
And learn from our mistakes in the dawn’s early light
We grow and we learn and become better men
So these awful wars won’t happen again.

So before you and others decide to tear me down
Because something I’ve done offends you now
Instead of erasing the past, look towards your tomorrow
Be kind, be nice and do all you can to prevent new sorrow
Both men and women never to be seen again
Who may even have been your next of kin.

I represent all the soldiers who did not return home
Who fought for our country and died all alone!
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