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listing of plot comings
*Bullet* Foreshadowing: Hints of something to come.
Drakein's shadow can be felt around the universe

*Bullet* Chekhov's Gun: The gun on the wall in Scene 1 is eventually fired.
Yecta is forced into using his god powers
Drakein's forces hunt him

*Bullet* Repetitive Designation: An object or fact appears over and over.
his lack of faith and trust continued to be brought up
His shabti keeps Azmet connected to him

*Bullet* Symbolism: Small facts, objects, or characterizations represent something bigger.
Magic is powered by faith
Stonehenge gates transverse the universe
every time Yecta uses his god powers

*Bullet* Poetic Justice: Good guys are rewarded and bad guys are punished.

*Bullet* False Protagonist: The protagonist dies or turns out to be something other than the protagonist.

*Bullet* Reveal: A hidden connection between characters or facts is revealed in time.

*Bullet* Plot Device: Advances the plot forward, often pushing the main character past a hurdle.
*Bullet* Object of Power: Either the protagonist wants it, or the object drives the plot of its own accord.
Yecta's scales have 10% the power of his life force powers

*Bullet* Narrative Hook: Story opening that grab's the reader's attention.
Azmet tells the opening
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