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Journalism since the trap was set
Tonight on Re tv

(1) How is life for you now, compared to life prior to these events?

Kahtul: Ladies and Gentlemen, creatures of all kinds- my next guest needs no introduction unless his brother is here(looks out into the crowd)
Here he is straight from the local Stonehenge gate. Give it up for the golden dragon himself YECTA

Yecta:(flies in and morphs into his human form)Thanks for having me.

Kahtul: So we've been wanting to know, how is your life now that those lords are trapped?

Yecta: Now I can be my true self, me and my brother are working things out even if we can't hug in our full forms

Commercial- Has an elder died or has your favorite pet passed away, speak to your priest about golden scale wraps brought to you by Yecta providing protection in this life and beyond.

(2) How did the events of your story change you?

Kahtul: Welcome back I have Yecta here and, now how did this event change you?

Yecta: The time we gods stay our hands is when my son and others like him take up the job of protecting the galaxy

Kahtul: Where is your shabti?

Yecta: it was used along with the hair that gave it life to bring his egg into this life
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