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Rated: E · Short Story · Religious · #2283591
A short story about Eve being trapped in a tower by her tyrannical father, God.
A short story with elements taken from the Bible and Rapunzel, about how God is obsessed with purity and innocence that he will not let his daughter leave.

Once upon a time, a young girl named Eve, lived in a tower that laid in the middle of an enchanted forest. The tower had neither doors nor stairs, only a single window at the very top of the tower, where Eve lived like a bird in her nest. Eve was the most beautiful child under the sun, with eyes blue and wide as the ocean, skin fair like the moon, and tresses long and golden. Eve's father is God, and He, being obsessed with purity and innocence, did not allow Eve to age nor mature into a beautiful woman, as long as she was free of sin. To keep her from sinning, God forbade her from ever leaving the tower, and did not let her read nor write nor learn, but kept her busy with chores when He would go out on His daily travel into the woods.

The only stories Eve heard about of the outside world were of demons and devils that go around sowing their seeds of evil. God would return with stories of these hideous creatures that lie and steal and kill. Stories of monsters that go after little girls who do not obey their fathers. But Eve, growing bored of being locked in a little tower, yearned of exploring the world. She often asked her father to take her with Him on His travels, but he always refused and dropped the subject immediately
After a few years, a young and gallant knight rode through the enchanted forest. He had hair as black as plumes of raven that hanged in ringlets and eyes as dark and mysterious as the night sky. As he rode through the forest, he heard a young girl singing like a siren. The knight followed the voice to a tower that had neither doors nor stairs. But needing to deliver news to the king, the knight rode off again. But his heart was so touched by the voice that it would not let him rest. He returned to the tower the next day to hear the voice sing.

"O, fair maiden who sings like a bird in her nest, come down from your tower and sing me here a song," said the knight from below. Eve, shocked in hearing the voice of a man that was not her father's went to the window and saw below a knight.
"My father will not let me leave my tower, but I can sing thee a song from here," said Eve.
"Who is your father who will not let his daughter leave her tower?"
"God is my father. He will be home soon and will not take well to me speaking to a stranger."
"I shall return again in the morrow," said the knight before riding off on his horse.

The Knight returned again the next day, bring with him a ladder. "O, fair maiden, whose voice falls like sweet rain on my ear, exert your voice and sing me a song," said the knight. Eve, upon hearing the knight, walked to the window and sang him a song. By the time Eve finished her song, the knight had reached the window at the top of the tower and climbed in. Eve was terribly frightened at seeing a man in her tower, such of which her eyes have never beheld, but was immediately charmed by the knight's beauty. Surely he's no devil nor demon, thought Eve, devils are hideous with horns and cloven hooves, not of fair-skinned and dark-haired beauty.
"Thy voice touched my heart that it would not let me rest," said the knight. But Eve, still shy and quite frightened, stayed silent. But soon she began to lose her fear as the knight spoke to her so kindly like a friend.

"What's your name, child?"
"What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl with a voice that most like a mermaid sing's." Eve blushed to the compliment, not ever hearing such warm and kind things said about her before. Her father would never tell her how beautiful she is nor tell her that she had the voice of a mermaid. Although Eve didn't know what a mermaid was, it sounded beautiful.

"What are you doing here? For this tower has no doors nor stairs and is hard to climb."
"It was hearing your sweet voice sing that moved me to climb the scale of this tower, for no tower can keep love out."
"From where do you come, handsome knight?"
"From the great Kingdom of Tartarus. I was riding through these woods to deliver news to the king when I heard you singing."
Eve began to inquire about the outside world, and the knight was more than happy to tell her about kings and queens, princes and princesses, and painters and poets. Things she's never heard about and found fascinating. They talked the whole day til the evening.
"O, handsome knight, I've had such a wonderful time, but it is getting late and my father will be home soon, and I would not want Him to see you here."
"I shall return again tomorrow, my beautiful Eve," said the knight, climbing out the window.
"I will be waiting for you, handsome knight. Here a kiss to comfort your ride home," Eve said, kissing the knight on his cheek.

The knight visited Eve the next day, bringing with him books and stories and new song for her to sing. He came by everyday after, teaching Eve to read and write and many other things like how to dance. Eve felt both guilty and delighted with this secret she keeps from her father. Guilty for disobeying her father but delight for having some much needed company.
"O, Eve, you have captured my heart. I've been among kings and queens, I've seen many creatures roam here and there, and many flowers bloom. Yet, I've not seen anything as beautiful as you, with your golden tresses that flow beautifully down your shoulders, and your eyes I've only seen on dragons, and lips as soft as petals are soft. Eve, let me taste your lips on mine, for I know they will be as sweet tasting as sugar."

Eve had wanted to kiss the knight, she's been desiring so for a while and now she can make her sweet, secret dream come true. She went on her toes and kissed the knight on his lips. He tasted of wine and fruit as he forced his tongue into her mouth. But never having tasted wine, she knew not what the taste was. It was this kiss that broke the spell Eve's father had on her that prevented her from maturing. After another day of dancing and singing and reading books, the evening came it was time for the knight to leave.
"Goodbye, Handsome knight," said Eve, kissing the knight on his lips one last time before he left. "I shall return to you tomorrow, my lovely Eve." Eve could only watch from her window, as the knight rode off freely into the woods. Her heart yearning to go with him on his adventures.
"O, handsome knight,
Whose beauty shines most bright,
Who rides off now to lands afar,
In armor shining like morning star.
He takes with him my lustful heart
And my lips thirsty when his part."

God realized how Eve slowly began to mature. He also realized how much happier she's been and how she's been slow in doing her chores, for she used always be done with them before He returned. Becoming suspicious of His daughter, God decided not go on his travel into the forest, but stay hidden nearby the tower to see what His daughter does in His absence. God saw the Knight riding up to the tower, and climbing up the ladder, carrying with him a rose, a bottle of wine, and basket of bread and books.
"How beautiful you've become, Eve!" Said the knight.
"It's your love that makes me beautiful."
"Then let me show you more love," he said, pulling Eve towards him and kissing her.
"I want to do many things to you, my Eve. Show you many delightful things."
Eve noticed how the Knight looked into her eyes and how his gaze lowered, going down her neck and stopping at her breasts. She knew today was different, there was something dangerous in having the Knight's company today. But the yearning of her heart overpowered the voice inside her telling her to push herself away from the Knight.
"Show me, my handsome Knight, what you desire to do to me." Eve said, staring into the Knight's eyes. The Knight picked her up and dropped her on her bed, kissing her with his tongue in her mouth. The Knight then undressed Eve and undressed himself, so that they were both lying naked in her bed. They drank wine and ate and kissed. God, still standing below, heard everything and only stormed off angrily into the woods upon hearing Eve moaning in pleasure in bed
The next day, God decided to test His daughter, by asking her what she does when he's away, for she would never finish her chores so late. "Say, my humble and obedient daughter, what's it you do when I'm away? For you would never finish your chores so late."
"I do my chores as you taught me, father. As a good and obedient daughter should. I've simply started taking more time in doing them to do them right.
God grew angry at Eve, for her lying to him. "Is that the reason? It's not that Knight who sneaks his way in here who keeps you from doing your chores?"
"I-I can exp-"
"What did I tell you about the outside world, Eve," His voice was a harsh tone like she's never heard it before. "What did I tell you is out there in the world?"
"Why could you not listen, you disobedient wretch? Why could you not stay a child with me, innocent and pure? Who out there can love you more than I and what out there can I not supply?" His voice deep and angry as thunder.
"Father, please!" Eve said, going down on her knees with tears rolling down her cheeks, as she reached for her father's hand.
"Don't touch me with those unclean hands!" He said, slapping away Eve's hands. "With me you could have stayed a child, with me you could have had years of joy. Without me you will beg and starve in the streets. You will be used and raped by demons that live out there in the world."
God grabbed Eve by her hair and dragged her down the spiral staircase that leads to the bottom of the tower. He pushed her into a room and threw her a whip. "Clean yourself, child, of your sins." He slammed the door and locked it behind Him.
The next day, the knight climbed up to the tower to find it empty. "Eve, my love, where are you?"
"You cannot have my daughter," said God, walking out from the shadows, "she belongs to me."
"You're the tyrannical father who does not let His daughter leave this tower," said the knight, drawing his sword.
"I'm her father, I must keep her safe from monsters like you."
The knight threw the first blow at God, who stepped aside, avoiding being hit.
"Eve! Where are you, my love?"
Eve, upon hearing the knight's voice, stopped flogging herself and banged at the chamber's doors. "Here I am, my handsome knight! Beware of my father," she cried out.
The knight and God fought, until God got a hold of the knight, carrying him a few inches off the ground by his throat. "You will not have my daughter," said God before crushing the bones in the Knight's throat and throwing him out the window. With a single sway of His hand, God unlocked the door the kept His daughter in. Eve ran up the stairs to find neither her father nor the knight there. She looked out the window and saw the knight dead on the floor. A door behind her opened and she was able to leave the tower. Eve fell to her knees by the knight and kissed him as she wept. The tower began to crumble and Eve went off into the forest, where she had a baby boy who became a giant.

In another tower in the enchanted forest, God sings to his daughter Mary.
"O be careful, my child,
What your little eyes see,
Be careful, my child,
What your little hands touch.
Here's your father
To keep you safe and warm.
O be careful, my child,
Where you little feet walk,
Be careful, my child,
What your little ears hear.
Here's your father
To keep you safe and warm.
O, be careful, my child,
What your little nose smells,
Be careful, my child,
What your little lips say
Stay here with your father
Who will keep you safe and warm."
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