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A boy bites off more than he can chew when his girlfriend reveals she has a secret.
It was nearly 11 PM at night, the moon shining down on a large, southern town. It's blue beams bounced between mirrors and shone through windows, illuminating the curtain of a girl's room. Inside was Daisy, a short girl standing in front of her prospective boyfriend, a young man named Jesse. Jesse had known Daisy for years now. They were friends back in high school, and nearly became more than friends near the end of senior year, but Daisy cut it off before it could get serious. She said she was afraid of intimacy and wasn't ready for a relationship, and they stopped talking shortly after. After years of growth apart from one another, Jesse reached out, and they hit it off as great friends once again. Over time, Jesse realized he wanted to try and be more than friends again, and she reciprocated. They went on three dates, the first to a bowling alley where Jesse showed her his trademark gutter-ball, the second to a mini golf course where Daisy managed to lose 4 balls in the pond, and the third to a movie where they shared their first kiss since senior year. Now they're on their fourth date, watching a TV show at her place, and things were picking up slowly.

Now, Jesse is a 21 year old man, and he's just managed to grow a beard, which he's tried to keep trimmed despite some patchy spots. Daisy always said it "gives him character" despite his insecurities. He'd call himself handsome, if put at gunpoint, otherwise he'd downplay himself in an attempt to seem humble. It usually worked out for him. On this night, he wore a tight tee-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap, which he left at the door. His prospective girlfriend is the aforementioned Daisy, a 21 year old woman of shorter stature. If asked about it, she'd say she's only a couple of inches below average while secretly wishing she was actually at the average. Nevertheless, she had to admit to herself that being shorter just meant that everyone else around her was taller, especially Jesse, which she found very attractive. Despite that, Daisy' number one characteristic is her complete and utter innocence. She doesn't talk about sex, she still calls a penis a "thingy" and a vagina only as "her private area." She doesn't shy away from giving her true feelings, as she did when she convinced Jesse to join her in her room, but she was only able to communicate it through shy gestures and single words. By the time they were inside, she was blushing like a tomato. Daisy was extremely attractive to Jesse, and most would agree that she was hot in one way or another. Her hips were very wide and her thighs were as thick as logs. It all capped off her ass, which was utterly titanic, and competed heavily with her large tits, which Daisy tried to cover up as much as possible. Her eyes were a dark brown, something she wished she could change, but they were large and expressive, eyes that were easy to become trapped in. Finally, there was one more thing that really defined Daisy.

Daisy absolutely adored horses. She volunteered at barns for horses, she looked at videos of horses and followed pages dedicated to horses, she even told Jesse that she is going to buy one eventually, despite her still being in school and living in her mother's house. The girl was obsessed, and despite her utterly innocent behavior, her constant gushing caused nasty rumors to circulate back in high school about her sleeping with horses. The amount of times she heard about the rumors either through the grape vine or in person made her even more shy and private. But with their friendship now, Daisy felt utterly open with Jesse, talking about everything she liked once again, mostly including horses, and now even including him. Jesse himself simply thought the obsession was endearing, a cute tick of hers. There were plenty of so called "horse girls" and he merely saw it as a hobby, as stereotypical as a guy who plays video games or obsesses over a sport.

Back to Daisy's place, she finally got Jesse inside, and once the door separating her room and the rest of her grandmother's house was shut, she sat Jesse down on her bed, and told him something.

"There's a reason I never wanted us to date," Daisy said quietly. His ears perked up, and Jesse simply cocked his head in reply. "I'm not like other girls, I have a condition."

"Condition? Okay, um...." Jesse was taken aback, but kept his face relatively straight and neutral. His mind immediately started guessing what she could mean. Could she mean she was born with an STD? He's heard that can happen, mothers with an STD can pass it onto their children during birth.. Maybe it's a deformity, like that two vagina'd woman he learned about in a video. Or maybe he's completely blowing it out of proportion, as he's apt to do. Jesse snickered into a grin, which caused Daisy to warm up a bit at his positive response to the information. He started to realize that she was probably just being her Daisy-self, tanking her self esteem and making a mountain out of a molehill. She probably just had a puffy pussy or something, and was self conscious about it. With that thought in mind, he moved to confirm his suspicion. "...what do you have?"

"I have- I sort of was born with- I mean, if I told you, you'd think I was making some perverted joke or something." Daisy explained, stuttering over her words. Jesse nodded slightly, thinking that was just more confirmation. If he heard Daisy, innocent Daisy saying that she has a puffy pussy, he'd think it was a joke too.

"Lay it on me, Daisy," he said.

"No, it would be quicker and simpler just to show you," she affirmed. Jesse nodded his reply, but Daisy's tone suddenly became more serious. "Please, no matter what you see, even if you don't like me because of it, please don't tell anybody else. You can leave and I'll understand, just please keep it to yourself."

It was a simple request, an innocent request. She was okay with him ditching her for whatever her condition was, and all she was worried about was others finding out about what she was so embarrassed about. It made Jesse fall head over heels for her, no matter what it was. "I promise you, I'll keep my mouth shut. I mean that," he said.

Daisy chuckled a bit and her face grew a wide grin as she couldn't hold back her happiness, although she was still brimming with anxiety. "Okay Jesse....here goes."

She took a step back, and Jesse saw her rimmed in moonlight from the curtains, her body lit up bright by her bedside lamp. She started with her top, a flannel jacket that she buttoned up underneath her bust. Once she unbuttoned it, Jesse watched the glorious display of her E cup breasts jiggling into equilibrium. Jesse blushed slightly, and the first sexual glances of the evening were turning Daisy on. It began with a coy smile from the girl but Jesse watched it turn into a shudder, which confused him slightly. It somehow motivated her to go faster, tossing her red flannel onto her chair and removing her belt. As Jesse's eyes moved from her tight black top to her belt being undone, he couldn't help but shoot long glances at her crotch. Her jeans seemed mostly flat, with a bit of bulge but that was normal for a woman of Daisy's figure. He quickly moved past her possible condition and just started thinking about the fact that he was about to see his high school crush's pussy. Daisy also threw her belt into her chair, but as she looks back, she catches Jesse eyeing her huge ass, only to stare at the bulge in his pants herself. She began to get giddy about possibly seeing a man's penis in person, but those hopes were forced down as she pushed to get through this massive hurdle first.

Jesse leaned back slightly, obviously enjoying the show and throwing some sarcastic eyebrow raises at her. "I feel like I should be throwing cash at you."

The joke made Daisy giggle, her face still beet red. Her fingers unbuttoned the jeans, and as she pulled down the zipper, her jeans groaned. The sheer size of her ass already pulled her waistband down a couple inches as she unzipped, revealing her very un-sexy underwear. As she pulled down her jeans, peeling the tight fabric from her thick thighs, Jesse got a good look at her undergarments. They looked like the female equivalent of boxer-briefs, in fact they probably were just boxer briefs. They even had extra fabric in the front, only Daisy's underpants looked abused. The fabric in the front looked like it had been stretched right to the breaking point as there was a lot of loose fabric in front of her crotch and that area of her underwear was stretched see-through. He thought nothing of it, after all this was Daisy. She still had to whisper when she said that word "sex," even in private conversation. He shouldn't have been expecting a g-string. But boxer-briefs were certainly a strange choice. Daisy finished pulling her jeans off and left them on the floor, unable to raise her arms to throw them, her nerves causing her to press them tight to her body.

"W- Well, here I go..." Daisy managed to say as her thumbs hooked her waistband. Her anxiety made her pull down her underwear a bit too fast as Jesse didn't even get to see her privates. Instead, he saw her head in the way as she bent down to pull off her underwear. It struck him that she was super flexible at the waist, enough to be noticeable. Finally, she stood up straight, and Jesse leaned forwards a bit for a closer look. She had quite the bush, and she rarely touched herself and only worried about washing, not shaving down there. She couldn't have meant this, she used the word condition.

"I don't really see anything wrong from here Daisy, can you....step closer?" Jesse said with slight apprehension. Daisy has been flighty with him in the past, he wanted to make sure he wasn't rushing her. But, nonetheless, without a word, Daisy stepped forward, blushing like mad as her crotch sat at eye-level with him, staring down and gauging his reaction. There her vagina was. It seemed a bit off, as he'd say it was the opposite of a puffy pussy as all the skin was pulled tight around it. This only made him harder. "Just tell me what it is, Daisy," he finally asked, keeping his eyes on her pussy. But instead of a reply, she simply grunted in effort, confusing Jesse until he saw it.

Something was rapidly coming out of her pussy, something fleshy and massive. His immediate thought was a dildo, but it was attached to her crotch. With a schlick and a loud moan from Daisy, a humongous 15 inch flaccid horse cock flopped out of her pussy, dangling in front of Jesse, completely covered in juices. He was utterly stunned, his jaw hung open in disbelief. But she wasn't done, instead Daisy began to grunt again. Jesse watched as Daisy's immense equine schlong pulsed and throbbed with blood, growing slightly and lifting enough for him to see a testicle shoot out of her snatch, bobbing halfway down her thigh and the size of a football by itself. Jesse was about to say something when another football sized nut shot out of her and swung behind her swelling horse dick. Jesse couldn't find any words, and just sat there, unable to tear his eyes away from it. This was beyond a possibility in his mind, this was impossible, this was inhuman, but if that were really true, then why did his dick just go painfully hard?

"J-Jesse? Please say something....and stop staring," Daisy pleaded. "It's making me get even more....aroused...and my thingy is hard to control." She watched him as her heart raced. Her schlong swayed back and forth a lot, hypnotizing Jesse, so she tried getting his attention. "Jesse?"

Jesse didn't reply, hearing her voice only added to the shock. Finally, he snapped out of his trance when he saw her hands come into his vision and grip the hem of her tight black shirt. In his almost dizzy state, he watched her hands trail up her stomach before tugging her shirt up. It was so tight around her bust that she actually struggled for a moment, and Jesse's eyes nearly fell back to her dick again as it throbbed in his peripheral. With a final tug, her shirt was pulled free from around her tits, and magnificent tits they were. Dropping, jiggling, bouncing, sticking out with the perfect amount of perkiness, they were magnificent. Each one was nearly the size of his head. Despite that, something made his eyes continue wandering north for this whole view to be capped off by Daisy's face, sweet Daisy. She was so embarrassed, so scared, and her eyes were nearly in tears with dreaded anticipation. But it was still the same girl, she was still the shy, kind cowgirl he always knew before, and it weirdly tied it all together. This wasn't just a massive, veiny 19 inch semi-chubbed horse dick, this was Daisy's massive, veiny 19 inch semi-chubbed horse dick. Those were her churning football sized nuts, dripping with girl juice from their stay in her uterus.

"It's...big?" he slowly said, trying to cover up his object shock with a thin veil of positivity.

"That's a bad thing isn't it?" Daisy started, seemingly like she was on the verge of tears. Jesse stood up from the bed and stepped closer to her. He looked down into her eyes, and tried to give her an assuring smile.

"It's you, and although it's insane, it's not a bad thing," Jesse told her. He reassuringly placed his hands on her nude shoulders, but the gentle, slow contact only made her shutter, and Jesse felt her still growing equine meat thud into his leg, pressing against his shin as she grew longer.

"Are you....going to leave me? I won't be upset," she tried to stutter out, her jaw trembling as she lightly cried. "I'm serious, ignore my tears, I don't want to force this....thing onto anyone," Daisy confessed.

Jesse gave her a smile, still obviously trying to push through his shock and turbulent feelings. He glanced down obviously and said "You're already forcing your thing onto my leg."

Daisy chuckled at his joke, and his attempt to cut the tension succeeded as she couldn't help but roll her eyes

"Shut up....that's not what I meant," Daisy said as she smiled. Jesse could tell she said it the same way she would if they were back out on the couch just talking and watching TV. He was breaking through her walls.

"But being serious Daisy, I'm here to stay. I can...work around...this. And I will. Because I'm not letting anything get in between me and you." Jesse declared, and Daisy shuttered. Jesse suddenly felt something warm go down his leg. As he looked down, her flat dickhead vomited out nearly a liter of cum, drenching his pant leg from the middle of the shin down as it ran onto the floor. "Did you just cum?"

"N-No....that's just my...my....you know, when you're really....hot, and it kinda....leaks," she managed to word together, still avoiding her defined "naughty language" despite the fact that her flat horse cockhead was practically pissing baby batter down onto his foot. She gently lifted his hands from her shoulders and stepped back. As she did, her dick slowly slid up his pants before mashing against his erect penis for a few seconds. Her cockhead was extremely wide, and fatty enough to envelope the girth of his penis. Jesse could even physically feel her cumslit pressing into his penis like a suction cup, only to feel another powerful wave of pre-cum to shoot onto the outline of his dick, dislodging her horse schlong. Continuing to step back, Jesse recovered from the headrush that little rub gave him just enough to make out her entirety. Her dick was massive. Fully erect, it was so heavy that it sagged down, like a baseball bat was sticking out of her crotch. She had a sheath, like horses do, which her thick meat grew out of what she became hard. In total, it was nearly 30 inches long, and as thick as a paper towel roll, or nearly six inches across. Near the top, it seemed the bulge out even more, becoming another inch wide before going back down to the head. It was an absolute monster, the largest dick Jesse has ever seen, even larger than an actual horse's by quite a bit. Shaking, Daisy reached down a hand and pulled the sheath of her titanic horse cock all the way back to the base with a very loud schlick. Jesse felt like he was drunk from the noise alone. Her schlong itself underneath the skin was still relatively normal in hue for a person, only slightly pinker. Finally, Jesse addressed the mess she made on his crotch and leg.

"Are you trying to tell me this is...pre-cum?" he asked. As she opened her mouth to reply, her cockslit opened up too and beat her to the punch, shooting out breeding sludge all over her previously clean floorboards.

"Yes....that's what I mean," she replied, her hands moving up to cover her plump nipples subconsciously.

"How much do you cum when you orgasm?" Jesse asked frankly, which seemed to bother Daisy a bit, only for her to realize that it was her who should be opening up when they were going this far. After all, she shot her steamy lady-sperm all over him. Potential generations of people shot onto the bulge of a cute boy she liked.

"Well, I haven't....cum in a long time. Last time wasn't very pleasant, so I haven't done it since," she admitted.

"How long exactly?" he asked.

"About....nine years," Daisy replied coyly.

"Damn, Daisy! I couldn't make it that long, especially with a dick that big" he said. Upon saying that, Jesse caught her taking a quick glance down at his boner again. She seemed infatuated with it, despite having a hard on nearly as long as her leg.

"I wanted to save myself...that stuff's sacred," she defended, which Jesse accepted.

"Does that mean you're okay with me?" Jesse asked.

"Yes...I guess so....I mean, definitely!" Daisy tried to say assertively.

"So then you're okay with me doing this?" Jesse asked again, and before Daisy could ask him what he meant, he reached his hand down and grabbed her throbbing fuck-stick. With a coo, she started to blast out her unholy volume of pre-jizz, only for Jesse to aim her up, needing to physically curl her humongous, rock-hard shaft due to its weight, pointing it towards a trashcan a few steps away. With a squeal, a confident two liters of her thick, sticky cum rocketed out of her cockhead, blasting messily into the trash can over the course of 10 seconds straight. By the end, her black garbage bin was filled to the brim with her seed. Jesse thought he could even hear her fat nutsack churning for sperm. It even gurgled once.

"Oh god, Jesse, wait," she pleaded, leaning back slightly but locking eyes with him. He could see that see was becoming undone with her arousal. Her words sounded like the old Daisy, but her facial expression and face shrieked with desire for him. With his right hand, Jesse began to stroke her back and forth, up and down, before his left hand came crashing down onto her ass. With an audible slap, Jesse became immediately aware that they were still at her mother's house and froze up, gripping her veiny animal dong steady as he listened closely for a response or footsteps, anything that would tell him people just heard that. After a few seconds, he locked his eyes back onto Daisy's. She was barely holding on, that smack on the ass nearly sent her over, and she was holding back every noise she wanted to make for the same reason he was. With a dirty smile, Jesse began to furiously stroke her, causing loud schlicking to fill the room as his left hand dug into her right asscheek. She knew that when boys ogled her, it was her ass they were usually staring at. So for Daisy, her ass was a constant beacon of sex appeal that she couldn't just shove up her cunt, and thus she was very aware of its endowment. To think she's allowing a man to handle it like it was his would usually make her panic, but this was Jesse, this was the boy she met in high school, the teenager she pushed away out of fear, and the man she reconnected with. He was the one gently squeezing her cheeks, so she couldn't be happier about it. Not only that, but Jesse, the most important person in her life, was jerking off her third leg sized dick so fast he became a blur. Her eyes rolled back, and she didn't even notice Jesse remove his left hand from her ass and switch hands on her cock. She didn't notice it until she saw him raise his right hand and lean into her for a kiss.

It was like two electrical wires touching, energy sparked between them as they felt themselves connect with each other deeply, and as Daisy closed her eyes, she felt Jesse's right hand fly down and grab one of her fat balls with a slap. She was sent over, and with Jesse kissing her, that slap was the overdrive she needed to finally bust. Nine straight years of pent of nut sludge was finally getting released, and Daisy screamed into his mouth. The first wave was so powerful it shot in a straight line directly into the wall, blasting it like a power hose, her cum audibly echoing within the drywall. There's no way they didn't hear it. But she wasn't going to stop, not any time soon. Cum exploded from her horse dick, her immensely wide head flaring even wider as she came. Each wave was nearly 10 seconds of uninterrupted baby batter coating the walls. In between each burst, the pressure dropped, and she instead began to trickle steaming jizz onto her pristine, girly bed. One of her pillows, knitted to look like a horse, likely made by her grandma, took a full blast of rich breeding juice from her dangling nutsack, filling it entirely with sperm, like a sponge. To Jesse's surprise, Daisy's instincts seemed to kick in, as he no longer needed to stroke her, and instead she started thrusting, fucking his hand as she splooged all over her room. She got faster and faster, impressing and scaring him with her immense power. Thankfully, this was just his hand, because she was trying her best to drill into it like she was hate fucking an ex. The reckless movements caused her horse dong to shoot gallons upon gallons of white dick juice everywhere else she missed the first few times. It hit the ceiling, it was spilling out and nearly covering the whole floor, it was coating her door and shooting under the frame and into the rest of the house, and even on the clothes she threw onto her chair earlier.

She started to slow down after about six minutes, six minutes of pure orgasmic bliss. Jesse's hand was fucked silly, getting covered in her white spunk, and Daisy was still trying to thrust slowly. Her room looked like a factory accident. Her dirty testicle sludge nearly reached her knees, and it was steadily lowering as her semen flooded out the bottom of her door. Finally, Daisy came to, and she was utterly speechless. Her hair was a mess, she was glowing, her eyes were foggy, but most definitely locked onto Jesse. Paired with these love drunk eyes was a content, blissful grin that spoke volumes of how good she felt.

"Are you okay?" Jesse asked gently.

"Yes," she said back, lovingly, and less entranced than Jesse was expecting her to be. Her dick slowly lowered down, sinking into the pool of jizz, but before they could say anything else, they heard the doorknob turn. Daisy didn't lock the door, and as it swung open, Jesse only managed to catch a brief enough glimpse to tell that it was Daisy's 18 year old sister.

"What are you-" she managed to say, before the torrent of cum tripped her as dozens of gallons of hot spunk rushed past her ankles, tripping her forwards to splash face first into her sister's impossible pool of nutsack juice.

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