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Remembering my Aunt's real-life tragedies endured during her 92 years and 11 months.
The Aunt who endured too Much to Bear!
(Dedicated to Aunt Vernelle, who died Tuesday, October 18, 2022,
less than one month from her 93rd birthday.)

Born an humble woman, she lived with what life provided her.

Her mother died before she was twenty, and a sibling raised her.

She fell in love and got married to the man of her dreams.

Ten children they had during their marital bliss, and then he died.

Life seemed kind to her for a few years but turned on her with a vengeance.

First, her eldest son shot and killed a man, and a few years later was killed by a man.

Her eldest daughter met and married the man of her dreams and later died of a dreaded disease.

No, life was not through with her yet! There were more children to die while she was still alive.

For reasons still unknown, her second eldest son killed his wife and then himself.

With still more tragedies to come, she rose to the occasion and stayed strong, praising God all along.

When the going got tough, and she thought she had weathered the storm, another child was gone.

This daughter was her favorite child, the one she could count on. She was gone in a flash, leaving her to mourn.

No, not even that was enough for this woman so humbly born for another son would soon be gone.

As if written in the sand, this son, one of her babies, quietly died and moved on.

Lord, was this not enough for a woman so humbly born? Over the span of nine decades, this Aunt has endured much.

Five of her children to whom she gave birth preceded her in death while she cried inside as each was lowered into the ground.

This Aunt, who endured too much to bear, closed her eyes in slumber, and she too went somewhere!

Throughout all her years, during which she endured much, I never heard her complain or blame God for her loss.

She prayed fervently throughout each day, cried when she could, and continued living each day.

This Aunt, who endured too much, went home Tuesday to get her rest.

She walked that last mile without anyone trying to walk it for her, as she had known all along, and she had to walk it for herself.

So, Aunt Vernelle, sleep well. You have endured much, more than anyone should bear, and earned your wings from beneath the crosses you have had to bear.

We will cry and miss you a lot, but we know your time had come, and we asked God to give you good winds on your final journey.

Out of twelve siblings in your family, you, Aunt Vernelle, were the last one!
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