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by Naomi
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Written when we were living in the city
My room has a nice view as I open
the window
Across the street are coconut trees
beside a bungalow
I can see clearly the sky and the
bright stars
When full moon it's more lovely when
night starts.

But the side corner is crowded and not
nice to see
An array of cars parked and their
honks are noisy
The smell of their engines sometimes
suffocates me
Oh ! There's no fresh air in this very
busy city.

I always love a room with a view
It can be by the sea, by the mountain
or plateau
It can be by the garden where roses
And the chirping of birds that keeps
me on the go.

I used to have a room with a nice view
In the home sweet home Moalboal
where I grew
As I open the window I heard the
cascading waves of the sea
In the early evening I love the smell
of the Dama de Noche.

GOD ALMIGHTY brought me back
here in the city
To attend my grandson's need and he
is one and only
I have to close the windows so I
cannot smell
The polluted air that in the busy
streets dwell.

Yet, I am happy I have a room
In this busy corner is our home
sweet home
An array of doors in an apartment
The neighbors I don't know their
names and I am not talking.

Neighbors side by side, like strangers
in the night
Exchanging glances, not even a smile
Oh what a sight
This is a different life from our old
familiar place
Where every neighbor is a friend and
conversation took at ease.

Everybody in this apartment seems
so busy
A life in a hurry as busy as a bee
No time for sweet hello and a
sweet smile
To make a day wonderful and so

Our neighbors , now I see them, now
I don't
Busy making money, Relax they don't
Even on Sundays they cannot be found
Oh! They are nurses and doctors,
making their hospitals round.

A room with a view when it rains,
the window I open
I love to hear the sound of the rain
that rhythm
The smell of the pollution it also
And my heart is smiling YES, I
am smiling again.

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