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by Naomi
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Whispers of my Soul.

What I had been makes me who I am and who I am is beautiful, wonderful and great. I do acknowledge my past both the struggles and the joyful with a strong belief that whatever I was into
served as a preparation to my destiny.
I own my choices, my decisions, my
dreams and with varied experiences that some I keep in my heart while
some I let go as I let live.

I am so blessed to have a marvelous capacity to learn the lessons of my
past actions, fully grasping that there is always a very good reason for

From the very beginning as far as I can remember, I always love the tranqui-
lity of a family living together in a very
peaceful dwelling with open commu-
nication, songs to sing, ideas to share,
an appreciation of a job well- done,
accepting one's fault or mistake as well as learning a lesson from it, with a
firm resolution on not to do it again.

My family was, is and will always be my wellspring of joy. Kindness to each other, meaning brothers and sisters and being extended to all our relatives goes on and on , in my path of life.

Friends? I have many. I lost some, I
win some and I have some whom I
can trust my whole life. My best of friends are my very own brothers and sisters. My parents are my number one heroes as well as my older sister EVE, the owner of Eve's Kiosk Dive Resort. No National or International heroes can replace them in my heart.
They are the wind beneath my wings.
That remains forever because there is

I am always grateful to Dear GOD and to Dearest Mama Mary in giving me strength in times of trials and diffi-
culties, healing my body when I got
sick several times, easing the pain of my broken heart when it was torn into pieces and made it whole again, for
the countless blessings I received , receive and will be receiving..moment
to moment for as long as I live.

I am so blessed for my Today and I
honor my Yesterday as being a part of me. Forgiving myself as well as for-
giving others surely brings me to
Tomorrow's victory.

So be it !
Thank You LORD For Everything.
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