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The Dream that Change his Life Writer’s Cramp

The Dream that Change his Life Writer’s Cramp

Sam Adams often reflected
On the fairy tale nature
of his true romance,

Of the dream
that changed his life
Of the woman
who became his wife.

It all happens when Sam
Was a young lad
In Berkeley, California.

He fell asleep
In a boring class
Saw the most beautiful woman
In the whole universe
Talking to him.

He screamed out
Who are you?
She merely smiled
And disappeared into the ether.

For eight long years
She appeared in his dreams
He knew that someday
He would meet and marry
The lady of his dreams.

Then one day
He had the last of the dreams
She said,

“Don’t worry, we will meet soon”
That night she walked off
A bus and into his life
On the date that
he met his fate.

And that was the rest
of the story.

Based on my true love story.

On Oct 28, 312, Emperor Constantine won a battle at the Milvian Bridge against rival claimant Maxentius ... a turning point not only for the later Roman Empire, but for the entire history and culture of Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the modern era ... really, for all of the Western Civilization ever since.

If you don't know about the battle, blame your high school and college history teachers. Also, read this book.

For purposes of the Cramp, though...

Write a story or poem about someone who has a vision or dream and is inspired thereby to do something significant they might not otherwise have attempted.

(The better entries will set the stakes and show the hesitation beforehand to establish the dream as a key element in the turning-point choice.)
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