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life smiles again.

Suzan dialed Dave’s number one more time with the hope that he would pick it up this time. The bell rang but there was no response. She had probably dialed this number twenty fourth time. She dialed one more time and finally kept the phone next to her with the hope that this time it would ring.
It remained silent as tears ran down her eyes. The thought of being neglected by the people we love breaks us into a thousand pieces. We become prisoners to the memories of the person who is free of our memories.
She gave a long sad look at the phone and remembered all the beautiful memories that she and Dave had in the past 2 years. He had been her colleague in office ever since she joined as an intern.
They were inseparable and spent most of the working hours together. However, Dave moved to another workplace for better options, and it looked like he had indeed found better options than her. She thought to herself.
She had endured the pain of being neglected for about three months now. Earlier the messages decreased and now they had stopped.
“Is it so easy for people to switch to new people and places as if it was getting into a new outfit?
Do they even feel the agony they have caused to someone?” several thoughts crossed her mind but the hope of Dave coming back was still alive within her.
She walked up to the huge balcony of her rented apartment and sat down. This balcony was witness to both her courtship days and her present loneliness.
The sky was lit up as it was a full moon. Some clouds moved at a slow pace covering the moon from time to time.
The sky in all its vastness and the lovely moon stayed there while many clouds passed its way.
Suzan gave a long look at the moon and came back to her room.
She picked up the phone and went on her contacts. She searched for “Dear Dave" and tapped the delete button following it with deleting everything with this name.
She went back to her balcony and smiled at the moon which remained calm as ever.
The clouds may cover the moon for some time, but the moon gets back to its original glory.
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